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August 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         August 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:August' 2018


Star overnight


Hima Das Hima's gold in world 400 metres has rendered her a great star overnight. She has won recognition for the government's Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS). She will be provided funds, perks and other facilities for her preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She would receive Rs 50000 a month as out of pocket from the SAI.
According to critics, Hima is highly talented and capable of achieving it because of her 'drive and self-belief'.

A huge blot

Harmanpreet Kaur India's T-20 captain, Harmanpreet Kaur. She has lost her reputation and respect. She submitted a false graduation degree, obtained in 2011 from the Chaudhry Charan Singh Institution. She deserved severer punishment of 'dismissal' instead of demotion from a trainee deputy superintendent of police (DSP) to a constable. She must be made to refund the additional amount of salary and perks, she has drawn. The Punjab Government's decision has caused widespread criticism. Her This wrong-doing will affect her skill, ability and form.
"She is being retained as a constable, till she achieves the required degree. The government appears unwilling to take any punitive action against her", according to reports.
Instances are mal-functioning are increasing. Sports persons, men and women, shine on grounds and competitions, but they ruin their careers for their wrong acts.

A great connoiseur

S. S. Moorthy On June 16, S. S. Moorthy, residing in Panchsheela Enclave in New Delhi passed away ---- just nine days before his 83rd birthday. He was suffering from lung infection.
Hailing from Karnataka, he did his B. Com (Honours) from Loyola College, Chennai, and then moved to the Delhi School of Economics for Management Studies. He worked with Oriental Insurance, Crompton Greaves and Automobile products of India before starting a small and medium enterprise venture for the manufacture of railway signalling equipment.
A keen follower of cricket, Moorthy's special interest and love were music. Born and brought up in Chennai, his family, like many South India families in Tamil Nadu, was well versed in various aspects of Carnatic music, with some of his siblings being able to sing and also play the violin. Little wonder that Moorthy, too, came to acquire sufficient knowledge of Carnatic Music.
Soon after his marriage to Gayathri Ranganathan, he shifted to Delhi. The marriage brought him in touch with Western Classical Music because Gayathri learnt Western Classical Music from the finest teachers, and was also in her own right an accomplished piano player.
Already having a solid grounding in Carnatic Music, it took very little time for Moorthy to understand the nuances and intricacies of Western Classical Music, and very soon he became a very knowledgeable critic.
The Delhi Music Society acknowledged his deep knowledge and understanding of Western Classical Music by electing him as its President, the position he held for more than ten years. His commitment to that role was phenomenal, being passionately involved in every aspect of the working of the Music Society. He was a perfectionist to the core.
The Polish Government acknowledged the efforts made by the Music Society to further the cause of Indo-Polish Musical & Cultural ties by conferring an Award on the Music Society for which Moorthy and Gayathri were invited to Poland to accept the Award on behalf of the Music Society.
Moorthy was a puritan while presiding over the Society: It should not flinch from its objective of promoting Western Classical Music in its purest form. During his tenure, Gayathri, too, played an active role as the Chairperson of the Programme's Committee of the Society. A soft spoken gentleman, Moorthy will long be remembered by music lovers of the Capital.

Utterly rubbish !

Chastity is much more valuable and precious than jewellery and cash. It must be defended with utmost care, precision and passion. A girl/woman cannot afford to lower her guard at any moment. She has to be careful in choosing her attire/dress; she has to be selective in her friendship and she has to be doubly careful in deciding her pub/bar/ restaurant for a dinner, particularly late night outing. Any laxity may be an act to regret later.
Most media, particularly foreign, has been maligning India as the 'most dangerous' country for women. It is utterly rubbish. It is a much safer country than most of the nations in the United States and Europe. Foreign media paints a very poor picture; what is cause for concern is that Indian media also accuses the country for being 'utterly unsafe for women'. The recent survey cries 'wolf, wolf, for sexual violations against Indian women'. The survey was however, said to be very very small and lopsided. Population is increasing. Unrest is growing; violence is in the air. Indeed, 'sexual crime' is spreading.
This is a world-wide happening. Foreign media is biased and, sadly, Indian media plays a role of copy-cat. The statistics prove that India is a heaven as compared to western world and most nations in Asia. To say India is 'the rape capital of the world is sheer non-sense. The United Kingdom, for example, reported a 20 per cent rise for rapes in London. The BBC remains silent on this shocking rise. There is a calm response from the authorities. But the English authorities and media go berserk when they touch the subject of sex offences in India. The agencies in England say: "85000 women and 12000 are raped every year. In 2014, an important survey said that one of three women experienced sexual harassment since the age 15.
Rape is an international happening with more crimes taking place in the West than in India and other centres. In the words of Home Affairs Ministry, the alleged high risk of sexual violence was based on flawed 'methodology'. The Delhi High Court says: "Marriage does not mean that wife is always ready for sex". It is a great act if both persons are emotionally involved. A leading authorities on sports in Mumbai and Delhi, Ron Hendricks, had said: "Prostitution is a masturbation in vagina"!