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August 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         August 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:August' 2018


Eying for officials


Nausheen Naz 36,a well trained Pakistani Muslim lady, has been on a dare devil mission , assigned to her by ISI, of spying in India since 2015.
Hailing from Karachi, Nausheen married Indian Muslim boy Mohd Javad and has been staying with him on LTV ( Long Term Visa) granted to her under No.VJ 6613294 only for Civil Line area, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi . She was picked up by the ISI for espionage and pushed into India in 2007 on valid visa with Pakistani passport which is valid till 2021. She has been visiting Rajasthan border areas frequently without legal documents from the Ministry of External Affairs or the police. The areas she has been visiting are Belwara, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Barmer Bikaner and Deedwana Nagaur, meeting ISI sleeper cells there who help her in collecting information about the location of Indian Army deployment and other sensitive areas and activities of the Indian agencies.
She has been provided with a Pakistani mobile phone No.
0092********56 for sending information to her masters in Pakistan through WhatsApp messenger. While Haji Hamid from Lahore has been in constant touch with sleeper cells in India through his mobile phones 92********284 and 92********784 to give them instruction time to time.

Naushen Naz Nausheen's last visit to Rajsthan border areas was in May this year after her two months stay in Pakistan from Feb to April. She has been under the direct command of ISI Maj Hamza stationed at Karachi.
Pakistan's ISI has tapped Pakistani girls married to Indian Muslim boys for spying in India, Under Long Term Visas (LTV) these Pakistani women, married in India, are granted visas. As per immigration rule , a person staying on LTV cannot visit other places except the area and address mentioned in LTV document unless legal permission is obtained from Foreign Registration Office (FRO) or police
Nawsheen has been asked to shift her base from Delhi to Nagaur with specific work of laying honey trap against Indian security officials. According to highly placed sources, India's intelligence agency has known about her modus operandi but is reluctant to apprehend her, for unknown reasons.
ISI has opened an allurement passage for educated , good looking and ambitious girls to earn quick bucks in India . For such women the visits to Pakistan are arranged via Dubai.
For identifying potential females for espionage, the sleeper cells in India have been assigned. They also act as touts for arranging visas for aspirating visitors to Pakistan, without hassle . One person Shafaq (name changed) from Seelamur, New Delhi, under direct command of Maj. Ahmad of ISI in Lahore, has been tasked for eying on such females for espionage. He is a frequent visitor to Lahore.
It has been reliably learnt that one serving Indian army officer, posted in Kashmir, has already been " honey trapped" by Muslim lady Shabnam ( name changed ) from Delhi. The army officer has been in touch with ISI since 2017. For each information the officer is being paid money through this lady.