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October 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         October 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:October' 2018


Loving football


Novy Kapadia What Novy Kapadia, 64, bachelor, does not know about football, it is nobody’s business to know. He should have taught football along with English in Khalsa college. After retiring from Khalsa College as professor of English for 40 years, he spends all his time watching matches, no matter, where they are played.
His love for the game is infectious. He makes it to the ground before the match starts. He delights in discussing with players before and after the game. He also delights in talking to other journalists covering the game. Novy is one of the finest sports journalists. He cares for his independence. He is proud that he belongs to Delhi. He is a Parsee. He has won many accolades. I have a great understanding with him. He is a grand company; he is very knowledgeable and informative. He plays a sober’s role in press box where journalists have strong likes and dislikes.
Novy is a regular fixture for World Cup (football) where it is played. He often took his mother for the Cup. His mother was a tremendous help to him. “ He is fast asleep”, mother would say, adding: “I would wake him if it is urgent.” Now the phones remain lifeless until he wakes up ! From reporting to writing and commenting, Novy took to book writing. A treasure’s troy, ‘from barefoot to boots’ was well received by game’s lovers throughout the country. There was certain turn of phrase and it was well researched. He deserves to have been honoured by the government.
Though freelance, Novy is far more involved and successful that many penpushers of the national daily papers. Impeccable in his etiquette and manners, Novy is respectful to seniors.
If he steps in Press Enclave, he must call on K.Datta, one of the senior journalists of great calibre. He keeps in touch with seniors and treats juniors with care and patience. He attends prayer meetings whenever an occasion arises.
There was time when football league and tournaments, like Durand and DCM, were very popular. Wg cdr Ganguly was the spirit of Durand, while Hari Sood was an artist organiser of DCM. When City Club played, the entire Jaama Masjid side crowd clapped for the City Club. When the local team played against Mohamedden Sporting, it clapped for the Calcutta out-fit. Ghosh was the ‘brain’ behind local league then at the Delhi-Gate stadium. Priyaragan Das-Munshi was the president of the AIFF for several years.
He remained president was he was ‘brain-dead’ for more than a decade. Novy is ‘soft’ on the All-India Football Federation (AIFF). It has ‘eaten’ the game. Praful Patel is misfit as a president. He says that AIFF has made several innovative plans but lacks the will to implement them. “from quantity emerges quality”, he firmly believes.
But the AIFF is not playing its role. Novy admits that if the game remains confined to a few states, Indian football will remain stagnant.
Novy Kapadia India stand outside the boundary of the world Cup.

Waterloo for India

England is waterloo for India. They suffered a humiliating 1-4 defeat. Their shocking shortcoming of playing a swinging ball remains. And Anderson and his bowlers exploited them fully. England continues to be a city of sorrow for Indians. Anderson was fined 15 percentage for dissent against umpire in the final Test. India lost by 118 runs.
Alarstair Cook scored a century and his emotional wife, Alice, was scheduled for another child. She and daughter, Elisie, 4, watched Cook, 33, hit another century in his farewell match. It almost touched the same emotional reception as to Don Bradman in 1948. The kitchen stands shut now.
Cook said that he enjoyed his fairytale journey. “ I am now a fully family member and our abode will be a farm-house”, he said. His 147 in the farewell was one of his most outstanding innings. He sighted the ball early and made classic drives.
Cook and Root hit their first centuries of the series in the 259-run stand took the game away from India. Ravindra Jadeja hit an excellent, unbeaten 86. As he reached 50, he swung his bat as if it was a ‘talwar’. After a shaky start, Hanuma Vihari proved his credentials as a number six. Centuries by Rahul and Pant went unrewarding.
The selectors were blamed for overreliance on Virat Kohli. Kohli said: “We missed few chances”. Mike Brearley hopes that Virat Kohli does not become too authoritarian.


Moeen Ali England’ most successful offspinner- batsman, Moeen Ali, with trim, grown beard, is a quality gentleman-cricketer. His run-in is smooth, delivery balanced and turn sharp. His top-pin buzzes past. He is a type of spinner, who obtain purchase from any strip, including on docile Indian surfaces. He bats with orthodox style. He is England’s modern “WG’’.
To call him is “Osama” is utter non-sense. “ An Australian player turned to me and said: “Take this ‘Osama’. I could not believe what I had heard. I remember going really red”. This reckless was made in 2015 Ashes Test. Why had he have to wait for four years to reveal this? Moeen had revealed this highly objectionable remark in his autobiography. A practising Muslim, said that he was on the receiving end of the slur, a reference to a terror-leader, Osama bin Laden.
He scored 77 and took five wickets against Australia at Cardiff.
The remark of this nature are unacceptable and have no place in our sports or in society. “We have clear set of values and behaviours that come with representing our country”.
The player concerned denied saying as said” I have some Muslim friends”. The England Cricket Board refused to react. The Australia Cricket, however, reacted sharply.

Shinning stars !

Diivyan Kakran Diivyan Kakran, bronze winner in in the 68kg wrestling, could win laurels in highly successful performance at the recent Asian games in Indonesia because of sacrifices of parents and not because of the organisers. They were indifferent to needs of the participants. Her mother sold her ‘manglasutra’, for her daughter’s dream becomes a certainty. The similar was the fate of several other winners. The Indian Olympic Association officials and others sang their own songs in the success of the medallists. Many winners narrated the tales and other stories of grit, bravery and determination.
There is talent and spirit and the winners must march on to claim Olympic medals.
The Jakarta achievements reveal facts as to how they translated efforts into reality 54 gold and silver medals were won. The winners came from different backgrounds. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated them and assured them of funds for preparations

Tea-seller to stardom

Harish Kumar Harish Kumar, an Asian Games medallist of sepak taraw, is a teaseller. He is one of the six siblings who helps his brothers at roadside to make a living. His father, Mohan Lal, drives a rented authoricksaw. He helps his father in driving his autoricksaw. Mother, Indira Devi, works as a maiden to rear him up and five others.Two of them are sightless. Many Asian champions have risen to stardom from their poor background.