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The Guru Principle

Swami Maheshwarananda Puri explains to R.C. Ganjoo some of the finest and sensitive facets of yoga which help individuals to explore the path of "Light" within and beyond.

Swami Maheshwarananda Puri

The Guru Principle is the eternally valid principle for ignorance to reality , from the darkness to the light of knowledge . In the purest form this cosmic principle manifests itself on the earth as a divine incarnation or a Spiritual Master.
Just as a residential building receives its supply of electricity directly from the power station. Conscious connection also exists between the realised Master and God. Through spiritual and mental work, meditation and practice , the Realised Masters have attained enlightenment and become one with Divine Will . They are the wise ones who guide all those who are still living in ignorance towards the truth.
At whatever level each process of development occurs , it also involves a growth in knowledge . The process of transmitting knowledge is like the lightening of a candle. The Master ignites the light of knowledge within the disciple, who while assimilating the teachings of the Master and internalising the Guru principle,

finally becomes the Master himself. The essence of the Guru principle is described in the following mantras from the ancient traditions of India. Dhyana mulam guru murti The root of meditation is in the form of the Guru. What is the "form of the Guru"? The true form of the Guru is bliss, wisdom, unity, purity and light. The Guru is eternal , unchanging , omnipresent and omniscient. The essence of Guru is a vibration of perfect , radiant pure light. Puja mulam guru padam The roots of worship are the Lotus Feet of the Guru. The "Lotus Feet of Guru" are an ancient and holy symbol. They represent the divine presence on the earth. When we offer our prayers at the feet of God, we rid ourselves of our ego and show humility and devotion to the Divine Will. Mantra mulam guru vakyam The roots of the 'mantra are the words of the Guru. All Holy Scriptures ( to name just a few: The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, the Bible and the Quran) are "Guru Vakya", the words of Divine Masters. Only when we understand and follow their message and their meaning can we be successful in the spiritual path. Moksha mulam guru kripa The root of liberation is the grace of the Guru. Yoga is a path that we are able to travel along

Swami's interaction with his disciples independently up to a certain point. We are able to achieve almost everything through the practice of Yoga. We are capable of expanding our consciousness throughout the entire Cosmos (Brahmanda) and can experience absolute emptiness (Shinyakasha) , but we are unable to attain liberation (moksha) in this way. To free ourselves from the fetters of karma and the cycle of rebirth and death, we need the help of the spiritual Master as the transmitter of Divine Grace. Our "little" person is incapable of clearing the enormous mountain of karma alone: this can only be brought about by Guru Kripa, Divine Grace, which makes the impossible possible. Only with the help of God and the Master are we able to complete our journey . Divine Grace is not limited to one religion or to one country. Divine Saints and Masters are born in every age. A true Master is one who has attained unity with God and is, therefore, beyond all duality.

Gurur brahma, gurur Vishnu, gurur devo Maheshwara. Gurur sakshata Parabrahma, tasmai sri guruve namah.

The Guru is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (=Maheshwara). He is also Prabraahman the Supreme Self . I bow before the Guru with the greatest adoration .
The three original powers within the Universe are represented in the three main deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva: Brahma -the creator, Vishnu-the preserver and protector and Shiva -the destroyer (of the negative tendencies within us ) and the liberator ( form the cycle of rebirth and death).
Prabrahman represents God as the aspect of undivided Unity. The Guru Principle , as the highest conmic principle , therefore stands above these manifestation divine , it is God Himself.
Just as these powers work within the entire creation

they also work within us. Creative actions and productive thinking represent the Brahma principle. The Vishnu principle is the careful protection of and care for the preservation of life and the natural environment. The Shiva principle expresses itself in our drive to purity ourselves of negative characteristics, to free ourselves of problems and to create a happy and agreeable life for ourselves. Will power is also an aspect of the Shiva principle within us. The essence of Parabrahman exists within each of us. This spark of the Divine Light is the "motor" or our spiritual drive and our mental development. The "Guru principle" also works within us, guiding our soul towards the light of knowledge and truth. The development towards our spiritual goal can be supported by external and maternal influences , but can also be hindered by them. From amongst the favourable influence these are for specific occurrences that are a great blessing. = To be born as a human = To be raised by loving and spiritual parents = To have a yearning for knowledge and truth = To meet a Realised Master. If these four beneficial influences come together in one's lifetime there is great chance of reaching the spiritual goal. But if this golden opportunity is allowed to slip by unused, there may not be another opportunity for a very long time. = Parents are the first Gurus. The influence and example of the parents , especially the mother, are of very important in continuing development of the child. Even during the growth of the baby in the womb, the thoughts and feelings of the mother exert a strong influence on the child. It is important for the beneficial development of the child that it is conceived and raised by its parents in an environment full of love and harmony. = Playmates and school Cfrhieanrdasc tearre tahned sehcoanbdit sG uarrue. fuosr.m Beecda buyse t hofe itsso lcaieckty o af rmoournadl (vkaulusaensg ) ,s hobualdd be igcnoomrepda nays bpeerinngic iouas passetinmsee lethsast draangds ouBr ucto nsicnio usgnoeosds docwonm. pany l(osavitnsga,n wg)i swei tahn dfr isepnidrist uwahl o, oaurer pReromgermesbse r thisa t chsiuldprpeonr taerde. ivmeriyta teea s iblya din aflsu ewneclel adso gtohoedy rsohloeu lmd obdee als .g oTohde reexfaomrep, le fwoer jouusrt cghivilidnrge tnh eamnd l o, trsa othf etro yths atno punladye rwstiatnhd, inggiv e, itnhsepni raltoivoinnsg, love and wisdom. = Then our school itnesatcrhuectr su s ina nAdp araPvriodfyeassaonrds ahneldp ussk iallcsq urierqe uthiree dkn ofowrl edoguer Ipfr owfees suitoinlis aen dth iws it hkinn oswolceiedtgye. cnoerxrte ctglye naenrda tpiaosns. it woen toh athvee sscehttoleodl cthhield "rdeneb ta" ntdh astt uwdee natss have towards our teachers. = The fourth Guru is the religious teacher or priest who teaching a ndu sc etroe mroenliiegsio uosf ohuurm caunlt u reD.h Haer minas,t ruocutrs udsu tiny toouwr afredlslo wfa mhiulym, ancos,m amnuimniatyls, aonf dh nuamtuanres. tIot isb eth ep rDotheacrtmoras satnrdiv eh feolrp ekrnso w, leadsg ew ealnl da Gs otdo- rneoawliasdaatiyosn .o nly Uan ffeowrt upneaotpelley fulfil this most important duty. = The fifth Guru is the Swahtogu rsuh o, wths e ussp iroituura ls Mpiaristtuearl, PDahraarmviad yaan,d transmitssp irtiot uuasl tkrnuoew ledrgeel i.g iHoen teacahneds us othuer Scoannnaetactni onD htaor mGa)o d, (w hSicaht sdteannodms inationaabl odvief ferencea l.l tThhee spwiariyt uatlo t eaocuhre r rsehaol wsS eulsf (liAbtemraat)i.o nH ea nodp eGnosd t-hreea dliosaotri otno for the disciple. = Ultimately ,the sixth and ftihnaatl Gexuirsuts isw tihthei nin nues.r MAsa sttheer bdeisccoimplees ahtitsa ionws n m"Gasutreur"y anhde aplassos inbg ecoomn est hec aplaigbhlet ooff konthoewrsle. d ge and wisdom to The only one worthy of our complete trust is the B R A H M A N I S H T H A SHROTRIYA SATGURU who has already trodden the path and reached the goal. Only the Satguru knows the direction and help us in every situation. God is everywhere , nevertheless we must seek our path to God in our consciousness, whilst simultaneously holding tightly onto a piece of string that is guiding us. In Sanaskrit this "guiding string' is called Guru. With the Satguru 's help the disciple will eventually reach the goal.