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Growing gaps between Trump's promises and performance

M. R. Dua

Donald Trump Though the Trump administration is aggressively grappling with umpteen foreign policy challenges, the President said recently that 'we really should have taken care of a long time ago the problems like North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, ISIS and the revisionist powers that threaten our interests all round the world.'
There's indeed a labyrinthine gap in what the President avers and does He is just about to complete one year in the White House.
President Trump's numerous political rivals and critics have often branded him as a 'disrupter,' a 'maniac' 'inexperienced, self-absorbed, bombastic, without having any inkling as to how to conduct the nation's political, defence, diplomatic, financial policies, and even his own ruling Republican Party's messy affairs.
The President has been blamed for eroding the huge trust of the American people during the 2016 election campaign. He has been consistently ignoring the promises he made, systematically lowering the nation's transcendent position and degrading the status of the most powerful office in the world.
So far, the President has demonstrated only negatively doctrinal tactics on the national and international issues. His reverse actions have created 'chaos' all over the country.
The Trump administration's adversaries suspect that most of the President's moves in foreign affairs can endanger his presidential term. They think, perhaps rightly, that as special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations into the alleged Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential elections that are said to have fraudulently catapulted Donald Trump in the White House as the 45th president of the United States of America.
As Robert Muller proceeds fast in his landmark election probe, Donald Trump has been engaged in defacing some of the most important legacies of his White House predecessors, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton. The president has used every trick to delete from the national statute book many milestone pieces of legislation or global ratifications that they left behind. It's apparent that Trump has been systematically and mischievously scheming to walk out from some of the most outstanding international agreements and pacts.
These are: the Paris agreement on climate change; the nuclear deal with Iran; withdrawal from UNESCO; redrawing North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta)--with Canada and Mexico;

the Trade-Pacific Partnership pact (TPP) with 11 other countries. Some of the other U.S. arrangements / covenants include: NATO budget; a trade agreement with South Korea; and, a nuclear arms treaty with Russia; downgrading diplomatic relations with Russia, and Cuba…. Incidentally, Wall Street Journal opines Nafta quitting will cost America dearly in job losses. In GDP, at least 5.1% adverse impact could be seen on US production in sectors like sugar, machinery, metals, chemicals, etc. President Trump has been unreasonably harsh, even undiplomatic, in censuring certain heads of state and governments ever since he took over in January 2017: calling North Korean leader 'a madman', 'little rocket man'; criticizing Cuba's Raul Castro; condemning Venezuelan leader; first reproaching Pakistan, and later praising the country. Opines a policy expert: 'It's a classic Trump bluff and bombast substituting for actual deeds.' Donald Trump has also repealed and replaced the laws most applauded by the American people such as : the Affordable healthcare act, popularly known as the Obamacare law; tax cut benefitting and favouring the top 1% richest businesses and individuals; threatening to withdraw Obamaenacted regulation-- deferred action on the childhood arrivals, DACA – the measure issued to help children of the illegal immigrants, those highly educated and currently gainfully employed in the US; undue delay in enacting immigration law reform; inaction on the gun control legislation; minimum wage rules; delaying voter reform measures promised during the 2016 election campaign.
According to a seasoned political commentator, 'The gap between President Trump's ambitious promises and actual policies is large and growing.' Irked by Trump's language, Senator Bob Corker angrily averred: 'It's a shame that White House has become an adult day care center…Trump is given to irresponsible outbursts – a political novice who has failed to make the transition from show business.'

Rex Tillerson It may be recalled that Donald Trump's long- forgotten television show, The Apprentice, was qualified success. He called Arizona's Republican Senators, Jeff Flake as 'toxic', and unabashedly undermined Senator John McCain's illustrious military service in Vietnam. Trump has under-rated Speaker Paul Rayan, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, among others, including his attorney general Jeff Sessions.
Though President Trump is less than two months in completing one year in the White House, he has yet to go anywhere close to making any mark by legislating a single legislation for the well-being of the American people who voted him to power despite his unfavourable approval rankings. And whatever little he has achieved, he has left it to Congress – both chambers of American legislature. For, Trump's writ no longer runs; he uses his Executive Orders too and even these don't go far, and ordinarily don't pass the legal tests. Besides, more than one dozen of the Trump administration's senior staff, including a health secretary, Tom Price, have resigned or have been sacked or replaced. Trump's top most diplomat in the cabinet, Rex Tillerson, secretary of state who allegedly termed Trump a 'moron', is said to be envisaging resignation from the administration – by January 2018, if not earlier. He has, however, denied it.

Preet Bharara As is well known, Donald Trump spares no opportunity to slam the 'fake' media: last month he slapped the powerful cable news television network, NBC, for slip on fact, with a threat of license cancellation. But, as per the Federal Communication Commission (FCC- equivalent to I&B ministry) laws, this is not within the president's powers.
Finally, remember Preet Bharara, former US attorney in Manhattan, New York, who was instrumental in sending home a senior diplomat in the Indian embassy, and who was fired by Trump, has joined CNN. He is reportedly considering a political stint. Bharara is a distinguished scholar in residence at the New York University School of Law. His brother runs a media outfit, and publishes a news and entertainment website.