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November 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.  Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       November 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.   Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       
Issue:Sep' 2017


Generate promised one crore jobs, Mr PM

Your cover story on the behaviour and functioning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government at the Centre (Power Politics, October 2017) is excellent. You have rightly observed that the current Bharatiya Janata Party -led National Democratic Alliance government has, so far, achieved little on the front of inclusive economic development across the country. However, it still has more than a year left to contribute to development in the country.
Ensuring development is a fundamental function of a government in any democratic state. The government that does not perform on this front cannot expect to last long in power. Prime Minister Modi would do well to learn from the lapses he has made on this front and take concrete steps to keep all the promises he had made during his electioneering in 2014. He must honour his promise of generating one crore jobs.
It is sad that all his slogans -- Make in India, Digital India, Startup India and the Smart Cities—have achieved little in creating jobs in the country. According to authentic studies, the rate of unemployment has increased from 3.8% (2011-12) to 5% (2015-16). In 2015 only 1.35 lakh jobs were added in eight labour intensive sectors, compared to 9.3 lakh jobs added in 2011-12. Between July 2014 and December 2016, in the eight major sectors – manufacturing, trade, construction, education, health, information technology, transport, and accommodation and restaurant – only 6,41,000 jobs were created.
The jobs created by the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) has fallen by 24.4% from 428,000 in 2012-13 to 323,362 in 2015-16. There has been a shift in the pattern of employment from permanent jobs to casual and contract employment. This temporary nature of work has adversely affected the wages, employment stability and social security of the workers.
The Make in India has been a flop. The manufacturing sector has grown only by an average of 1.6% in the last 5 years. Digital India has done little. Major IT companies such as WIPRO, Tech Mahindra and HCL Technologies hardly hired any new employees from 2015-16. Demonetisation and the switch to online transactions resulted in the closing down of many local kirana stores that accepted only cash payments. In the last two years, a total of 25 startups have shut down.
Startups such as TinyOwl, Dazo and Peppertap had to close down due to lack of funds and appropriate skill set. The government had announced that 100 smart cities would be created and townships revamped by developing infrastructure and transportation facilities. But no steps have been taken by the government. Women today are enrolling more in education. But sufficient jobs are not created in sectors such as textiles, farming and clothes manufacturing that could absorb women. Higher education is in a bad shape . Universities have witnessed cuts in seats in research programmes.
You have rightly suggested that Prime Minister Modi can illafford to overlook that lakhs of workers in the informal sector are still on the streets. His government must take steps to generate high speed economic growth . It must have right developmental priorities.
Your observations on the Rohingya crisis also deserves applause. It is really sad that Rohingya Muslims have of late been persecuted too much in Myanmar . This has led lakhs of them to flee off to the neighbouring countries, mainly Bangladesh and India. They are living in miserable conditions . You have rightly suggested that the leaders of Myanmar must arrive at a political solution in the interest of all concerned parties . The leaders of the entire world must come together and contribute to addressing this humanitarian crisis. New Delhi must not deport the Burmese refugees currently living in India. Sending them back might endanger their lives back home . New Delhi must not punish innocent Rohingya Muslims under the pretext of the presence of any terror elements in their midst. It must purge antinational elements wherever they are.

K Ramalingam

Honour Iran deal

Donald Trump It is unfortunate that American President Donald J Trump has withdrawn from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. He has also abandoned the highly progressive 195-nation Paris Agreement on climate change. He is also not firm on his commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which contributed a lot peace in Europe in the post-World War II landscape, is not clear. Recently, President Trump has threatened to scrap the hard-won 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. He has hinted he will not certify Iran as complying with its commitments. The certification is required every 90 days. Or else, a re-imposition of American sanctions would return.
Washington would do well not to scrap the nuclear deal. If Washington goes ahead with its scrapping business, Tehran is likely to feel alienated and resume its nuclear activities. The United States must honour its obligation to comply with this deal. The nuclear deal was codified in a United Nations Security Council resolution. Iran has not violated the agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed Iran's compliance. The head of America's Strategic Command too has confirmed it. Washington must not renege on its international commitments. In 2002, President George W. Bush abandoned the 1972 Anti- Ballistic Missile Treaty. He complied with the treaty's withdrawal clause. He had a strategy for improving relations with Russia for going forward. President Ronald Reagan called the SALT II arms control treaty "fatally flawed." He used an arms build-up to pressure the Soviets. At the United Nations General Assembly, Trump elevated "sovereignty" as his guiding principle for international relations and used it as a rationale for threatening Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. But he has given kid glove treatment to Russia and China.

J Christopher

Gimmicks won't do

Narendra Modi It is clear from the record of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is good only in performing gimmicks. He sells big dreams only to win elections. He does not honour them. Prior to becoming our Prime Minister in 2014, he promised the people that every citizen would soon get Rs 15 lakh in his or her bank. This was just a tall talk. Before he assumed the reins of government in the national capital, he vehemently opposed the GST. He protested against Aadhaar Card. But afterwards he has come to implement GST as well as forced Aadhaar down everybody's throat. Last year he announced demonetisation claiming it would help unearth black money. But nothing of that sort happened. The Government itself now says

Krishna Raj
Bodh Gaya