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May 2020 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:May' 2020


A blissful time in Isolation

Rajesh Bhola

COVID 19 has thrown all of us worldwide into mandatory isolation or unsocializing. But this isolation can be blissful for the humanity as an opportunity is given to all of us to stop and look at our inward dynamics - our relationship with our true selves.
As human being we take up many movements which are inward, in deeper relationship with our true selves, outward, in loving relationship with others, and upward, in prayerful connection with the higher force. In each of these areas of the life, our relationships with ourselves, with others and with the higher force generate tension, and we move back and forth on a continuum. We do not always feel the same sense of connection to ourselves, to others, to the higher force.
Every person needs time alone, whether they are introverted or extroverted, single or in a relationship, young or old. Social isolation is time for rejuvenation and a talk with self, for utter peace and for realizing that isolation is not a bad place to be but rather, a liberating part of your overall existence. If you are a creative person, you may find that alone-time will help stoke your creativity. While it is nice to collaborate with other people, it is hard to be truly creative when you are always surrounded by other people. Step back and tap into your creativity.
We can notice the feelings of desperation and desire that we experience at various times.
Instead of trying to suppress or run from those feelings, get motivated in isolation and silence. This is the time to incorporate silence and solitude into life regularly; the time to pray for the wisdom we need to recognize when we all have become dangerously tired – exhausted by life's demands, to the point where you cannot hear His voice speaking to us.
To remain in isolation is a spiritual discipline, and we all have to work hard to be sure we are getting that alone time.
The movement from socializing to isolation involves accepting a degree of separateness, aloneness, as a human reality. If we are uncomfortable, or unwilling to be alone with ourselves, then we may never actually discover who we really are. We may never see ourselves the way higher self sees us.
If we never come to know ourselves we may continue to crave the distractions of the world Instead of running away from our isolation to which we all are voluntarily or involuntarily confined now, we need to turn it into fruitful solitude. To live a spiritual life we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of our isolation and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude. This requires not only courage but also a strong faith. As hard as it is to believe that the dry desolate desert can yield endless varieties of flowers, it is equally hard to imagine that in our isolation and solitude is hiding unknown beauty.
The movement from socializing to solitude is the movement from the restless senses to the restful spirit, from the outward-reaching cravings to the inward-reaching search, from the fearful clinging to the fearless play. We should seek to simplify existence, to cut down our wants and to diminish our cares, that more time and energy may be found for divinely-lived isolation.