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May 2020 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Power Politics

The Magazine will make a credible professional attempt to explore seamy and not –so-seamy sides of the country’s polity with a degree of objectivity and wirhout resorting to sensationalism. Our guiding spirit will be to inform people on matters and issues correctly and analyse events comprehensively and thereby set the pace for reforms and provide a new orientation in the system with the objective of improving the quality of public life.

The magazine will be refreshingly new in news packaging, contents and policy projections, taking in its fold political, social, economic and business issues facing the country and beyond. It will ensure a total integrated objectivity in presenting facts so that an independent line of thinking and varied policy options on sensitive, national and global issues can be hammered at.

While the magazine will engage some of our well-known youthful thinkers, writers and journalists, it will involve well-informed men and women from different states and in different areas of science, technology, IT and education with a view to exploring different policy options and functional strategies. The purpose here is to throw up a national and global vision in every segment of public life.

The magazine will cater to decision-making groups of politicians, legislators, bureaucrats, scientists, technologists, IT experts, business executives, industrialists and professionals. It will also make efforts to enlarge areas of knowledge and information among youngsters, students and common men.

With a freshness of approach, the magazine hopes to bridge the communication gap in polity and work towards a better-informed society.

Beyond the richness of thought and contents, the magazine will offer highly stimulating and enjoyable reading to all age groups, including politicians, administrators, youthful entrepreneurs, business executives, women and the youth.

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