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A ‘touch’ surgeon

Uttam Nathani Dr Uttam Nathani was ‘Uttam’ in all walks of life. He was warm and caring. Honours went rushing to him. The more recognition he earned , the more modest he turned. He wore them with innate modesty and dignity. Unlike most Indians, he was extremely comfortable in Nigeria which was for him a ‘home away from home’. On deputation to Nigeria in the 1960s, he got back there in 1984. He took voluntary retirement and returned to Nigeria, where he worked as a practising doctor and a professor in anatomy in University of Jos.
Prior to his work in Nigeria, Nathani worked as an orthopaedic surgeon in Safdarjung and Willington hospitals. He was considered by patients as a ‘touch surgeon’.
At the stroke of partition of the country, Nathani left for Patna on August 14, 1947 to earn a degree in medicine. His family moved to Delhi a few months later. He lost his father early and had to undertake the responsibility of getting his sisters married before settling down in September 1970.

Unlike most Indians, Nathani adjusted his life style in Nigeria. He did not experience any difficulty. He treated patients as his honoured guests. His popularity in Nigeria was unbelievable.

After bidding ‘farewell’ to his home away from home, Nathani joined DPS (Delhi Public School) in RK Puram and Vasant Vihar as a medical officer. Amidst youth, he grew youthful and exuberant. He retired in 2004 . He believed in sharing happiness and took his ‘triple of brandy’ with coke as ‘Allah’s drink with friends.

When his health shrank, Uttam was ‘driven in ‘sitting room’, for a glass of brandy to shine. Pam, his ‘soul-mate’ served Sindhi pakoras and other tasteful snacks to make guests easy and comfortable. To spend an evening with the family was a grand delight. As drinks were flowing, three ‘faithfuls’ Gudia, Sabina and Rohit were around. From time to time, he kept feeding ‘great friends’. “I would have felt lonely without them” he often said.

Uttam was born in Sakhar on June 12, 1928 and passed away on March 2, 2019. The city was known for possessing the biggest train track on the river. Sakhar was the third important city after Karachi and Hyderabad in Sind.

Laughing at himself

S. S. Sareen Dr. S.S.Sareen played a great role in raising a stadium at Delhi.
He was full of knowledge and well versed with the functioning of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. He was an observer for international matches. He sorted out several intricate problems with his wit, humour and observation. He spoke his mind without caring for his seniors and powerful.
He retired as associate professor from Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi in 2012. His doctorate was on ‘settlement of labour disputes in Delhi Cloth and General Mills (Lucknow University) in 1984. His strength was Mercantile Law in the department of Commerce,

An emient academician, he rose from his humble origins to make a mark in the area of education in Delhi.

An affable person, Sareen loved soalising. He was a must at Lodhi Gardens. Full of anecdotes, he could laugh at himself.

Giving nature and helping the poor and needy was a quality that he picked up from his father-in-law Prof T.S.Grewal.

A friend of friends

Another cricket follower, Anu Kohli, died on April 1, 2019. His bar at his home would have done any Delhiwalla proud. He himself indulged in pub-crawling.
A friend of friends !

-- K.R.Wadhwaney