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A relevant addition

M. R. Dua

Manoj Dayal A precise or exact measurement of the mass media programmes and their literal or m e t i c u l o u s impact on any aspect of human life or activity is not possible to be expressed or calculated easily. However, a discernible influence of any mass medium’s output could be estimated in general.
In this context, the current book is extremely relevant and a valuable addition to Indian literature for inprint and other media of mass communications.
In India media consumers, researchers and teachers have not paid adequate attention to aspects of media academics.
Author Manoj Dayal’s this publication would assist mass media ‘addicts’, teachers and researchers to learn and appropriately comprehend and appreciate to apply numerous formulae in measuring and deriving estimable roles and effects of mass media outputs in the Central and state governments’ burgeoning developmental projects and programmes such as Swachh Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojna, etc.
Dayal has ingenuously presented and methodically illustrated communication research fundamentals and elementary concepts of media metrics, beginning with basic conceptual framework, data processing, dispersion in media, framing of hypothesis, analysis of variance, multivariate analysis, quantitative applications in media studies, internet and referencing techniques in quantitative media studies and applications in quantitative media studies and research.
In every chapter of the book intricate mathematical methods of every theory and formula have been fully explained in simple language. Numerous formulations, correlations, equations and limitation have been illustrated with tables, graphs, examples, samples from classroom environments and field applications.
The author has meticulously listed references and citations from established Indian and foreign authors’ works, journals and websites. Questions and problems for practice and self-learning at the end of each chapter should be of great help and guidance.
This book should,go a long way in prompting and advancing use of latest metrics that’re currently, sadly, rare in media studies and research in India’s many universities.

Realities in verse !

Humra Quraishi

Raghav Arora For a youngster to pen poems is quite a heartening news. Not one or two poems but a book full of eighty poems, titled - Thy Grace. Mind you, this is 20 year old Raghav Arora’s fourth poetry book. Definitely a ‘born poet’,he took to writing long and short verse when he was a child. In fact, his first poetry book was published when he was 10, the second volume when was 11, the third when he was 13, and now, of course, comes out this collection.
Though I have not met Raghav but after reading his poems I seem to know him somewhat. He comes across as sensitive and forthright, aware of the on -goings, within and in the world around him. Putting together an whole array of emotions and sentiments through his verse.
In fact, what I loved about his verse is the uncomplicated and informal format. Thankfully, is no usage of big and complicated sounding words and phrases. On the contrary, it’s the simplicity of expressions that holds out. He seems in no mood to impress you and me. Each verse relaying that perhaps Raghav is penning for himself and is comfortable in his own little world, with abundance of emotional memories and realistic patterns holding out.
Though I’m tempted to quote several of his poems but space constraints stand out; rather, come in way. Leaving you with this verse of Raghav which focuses on a horrifying reality of the day that confronts each one of us on a daily basis : stray dogs attacking and hounding , making life hellish for us, the human beings, yet the municipalities look the other way round and also politicians like Menaka Gandhi continue to dwell on animal rights and not on human rights!
Maybe, this verse of Raghav tucked in the pages of his book, awaken the civic authorities… awaken them enough to see the horrifying reality on the roads and lanes …the reality of dog bites spreading around –
“The Dog- O’ - Phobia /
As I step out of my safe

The creature honors me in a
barking fury./

And as I head towards the daily
needs shop/

His other acquaintances start
chasing me like a rude cop./

Seeing them as if I lose my wits
and heart rate,/

Sometimes changing my path
or rushing inside someone’s
house gate./

Especially when I pass the
clinic situated in my lane,
The fear of 14 big injections
haunts my brain./

Twice they had already chased
me on the street,/

Once I was riding my bicycle,
once I was walking by feet./

Although I didn’t give them a
chance to bite and attack,
But rammed my bike into a
neighbor’s car while looking

On some houses, people had
put up notices-/

“Beware! There is a dog in the

Why can’t they keep the
animals’ reigns tight/