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Issue:January' 2018


Demand for Sharda corridor

V.P. Prabhakar

Sharda Peeth corridor There is talk of the Sharda Peeth corridor, an ancient seat of learning-cum-temple in Pakistanoccupied Kashmir (PoK).
Pakistan’s sole Hindu parliamentarian Ramesh Kumar said, “Work on the project will start from the current year after which Hindus in Pakistan will also be able to visit the site. I am going to visit the place and send report to Prime Minister Imran Khan.”
Sources said India had been seeking a corridor in the now suspended composite dialogue with Pakistan and it viewed the demand as in keeping with the religious sentiments of the people.
“The last time a yatra was organised was around 1948. Till 1947, people used to actively visit Sharda Temple and the adjoining ruins of Sharda University”, said Ravinder Pandita, founder-member of the ‘Save Sharda Committee Kashmir’.

Chinook helicopters

Air Chief BS Dhanoa The Indian Air Force (IAF) inducted first four CH-47f (I) Chinook helicopters into its fleet of aircraft at the IAF Station, Chandigarh. Air Chief BS Dhanoa said the Chinook will be a game-changer the way the Rafale is going to be in the fighter fleet.
Dhanoa said that while one helicopter unit of Chinook will be stationed in Chandigarh to cater to the northern region, the second one will be stationed in Dinjab in Assam.
It is used by the US Army, the US Army reserve, the National Guard and the armed forces of more than 19 countries.

New claimant

Kiran Chaoudhary With the strength of the INLD coming down to 15 in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha and also removal of Abhay Chautala from the position of Leader of Opposition by the Speaker on March 26, the Congress Legislature Party leader, Kiran Chaoudhary, has staked her claim to the post of Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.

Women in ancient India

TL Bhardwaj Wg-Cdr Dr TL Bhardwaj gave a comprehensive talk on "Status of Women in Ancient India" at a Senior Citizens Association on March 28. In ancient India, the prime source of livelihood was agriculture and keeping of cattle. Women had greater liberty.
The Rig Veda calls women firm. Manu called them the deity of home, without whom, family and society would perish. She was the embodiment of all virtues on the earth.
Sita was the ocean of sobriety and the mountain of patience.
Bhardwaj explained that the changing times degraded women as a property for acquisition; companion for gratification and slave for desire and anger. Bhardwaj said in the modern scientific era, women have to be Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh by using their energy, power and wits.