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May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:May' 2018


Healing power of Muladhara Chakra

R C Ganjoo

Swami Maheshwarananda

In New York , Yoga and World Peace Conference, Vishwaguruj Swami Madhavananda defined the relation between space and consciousness, and said that "yoga harmonizes, balances and unites the human body, mind, and consciousness ." According to Vishwaguruji, the primary aim of the conference was to awaken awareness in the individual and in society as a whole, to the significance and importance of world peace.
During his two months world tour ( Feb- March) spreading the message of Yoga and World Peace, in Atlanta USA, Swami Madhavananda said, "God is formless, nirakar, like the blue sky. When God appears in a form, we are able to touch and speak with Him. In the higher world of Brahman, there are no divisions.
On the spiritual lineage, he said, "The consciousness of the yogi can travel around the endless Universe. Nada Rupa Parabrahma - the form of missing the Supreme is sound. Our spiritual lineage started during Satya Yuga when Sri Alakhpuriji was living in the Himalayas.
On "meditation," Vishwaguruji said, "Energy flows from the cosmos. The swastika sign is a symbol for the Sun. Life will never die. According to Yoga, spirituality means purity, a way to the soul which is covered by the five bodies. Mind is like a reflection and you cannot control the mind. Yoga exercises release tension."

On the purification of the body Swamiji said, "Habit is the 'second nature' of man. In some cases, we have enough time to find a shop and buy alcohol, but we are not able to find time for good things. Pranayama techniques help to purify toxins from our body and mind; and they are scientific techniques to regenerate our energies as well.

Yoga and World Peace Conference at the UN Headquarters, New York.

How to practise meditation ? He explained, "meditation is the way to activate the hidden powers in humans that are dormant. There are certain postures developed by the ancient rishis. When we are meditating, we are coming closer to ourselves."
In the US at Alexandria, Swamiji explained precisely the importance of Karma and Koshas, purification of the body and the attributes of the Guru. He said, "The soul goes through difficult situations in the astral world. Whatever you do, you have to face the karma. The result sometimes comes immediately; sometimes it takes more time. There are two doors: one to Heaven, the other to Hell. Whatever mistakes we make, we still have time to make a correction. Purify the five bodies. We should have healthy food." On the purification of the body, he said, "Habit is the 'second nature' of man. In some cases, we have enough time to find a shop and buy alcohol, but we are not able to find time for good things. Pranayama techniques help to purify toxins from our body and mind; and they are scientific techniques to regenerate our energies as well."
About the attributes of the Guru, he explained, "Shiva is the first creator - He who has manifested Himself.
When you have to talk, mentally pray to the masters. The place of the Guru is the heart; vocal cords are the place of Sarasvati. If you follow that, your speech will be successful, because you are becoming the instrument of the supreme."
At Vedic Temple, Georgia, US he said "This place is like the centre of the Universe. We need Vedic culture for the knowledge of how to be a human. According to the Upanishads, the first guru/God is the mother. The yogi is able to utilize amrit, the nectar which is coming from Bindu Chakra.
He also emphasized Yoga practice that gives good health. Speaking on this subject, he said, "what is in the universe is in our body. God gave everything to his children. Sarasvati is the goddess of wisdom. Without the five elements, we cannot survive. God cares for our life. God is Nirakar. The rotation of our Chakras is exactly like the rotation of the Sun. Yoga practice is a medicine. Are you aware of your body? We should return to organic food. We are constantly swallowing our problems. You are your own doctor. Now 87 per cent of people have no knowledge of cooking. Cooking is a science."
Yoga is the science of body, mind and soul. Everything is the creation of one Creator. There is beautiful resonance in the whole Universe, from which the fire element, the light came.
The seed of the Divine is present in every being. If we would like to achieve our aim, we must be aware. In Vancouver, Canada, in his speech he told the conference not to eat animals. He said, "It is very rare for the soul to obtain a human body. We are destroying our planet; for our own comfort, we harm other creatures. Humans should not kill anyone and should not eat anyone. Ahimsa - non violence - is for the humans. Love and feed animals, do not eat them. On Holi festival at Atlanta, US, while addressing Satsang, Vishwaguru ji explained the significance of the Holi festival by telling the story of King Hiranyakashyap, who declared himself as God and finally was killed by Narsingh Avatar. Time to time, God incarnates on the earth to protect the devotees !

His Holiness Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Puri of Panchayati Maha Nirvani Akhara is the disciple and successor of Hindu Dharmsamrat Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavananda. Since 1970 he has been living and working in Europe. Through his long lasting activities in the West, Swamiji has become familiar with the way of life and the problems people face in the modern world. Swami Ji can be contacted at :