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May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Exploring a mystery

Anuradha Dutt

The United States' mercurial persona, veering between the inspirational and the sinister, is defined at the outset in Come Carpentier's book, A Shining City on a Hill, a fascinating exploration of the paranormal underpinning of the American nation.. Joy, a woman whom the author meets during his sojourn in the country in the early 1980s, observes:
"America is both. That is why it is so troubled and misleading. It is perceived by many people abroad as satanic because it tends to use the language and invoke the name of Jesus and then speaks and acts in the opposite way; it is both Dr Jekyll and Hyde".
Investigations into the American 'deep state' comprise a popular writing genre, replete with conspiracy theories about powerful banking/corporate cartels and ruling elites, acting in tandem behind the smokescreen of civil rights, to negate the democratic ideal so as to keep in perpetual harness people whom they govern and, by extension, within their expanding arch of influence. Their stratagems are geared to standardising governance, and economic and socio-cultural modules throughout the supposed 'free' world for their own benefit.
Systems and evolutes that do not conform to this unrelenting vision of a capitalist, free market democracy - which really is a self-serving plutocracy - are to be subverted, crushed and destroyed. Unrivalled technological advancement of the national security and intelligence machinery are integral to sustaining the hegemony of the United States, as too of the shadowy forces, spanning continents that shape geopolitics and global finance structures.
But these are areas, completely shrouded in secrecy, and difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with transnational power play; or who view the world from the simplistic perspective of religious convention.
French scholar and writer Come Carpentier de Gourdon very early became aware of the complex workings of the deep state, often verging on the paranormal, and intruding into realms, considered out of bounds for most people since these challenge reality, as they know it.
His sojourn in the US in the 1980s and interactions with individuals, connected to government or defence or simply, information gathering, related to paranormal phenomena such as visitations by aliens/extra terrestrial beings, and reported sightings of space crafts/unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from outer space convinced him that the American ruling establishment was keeping ordinary citizens in the dark about its secret scientific and defence agendas, involving ETs and UFOs. Opening the Pandora's box would unleash mayhem.

Some important questions arise. Were extra terrestrials intervening so as to avert a catastrophe? Why do governments across the world – the US, in particular – persist in denying paranormal phenomena despite evidence to the contrary? Are these beings linked to the very nature of reality, as we know it? French savant Robert Desbois made a significant observation.

Come Carpentier Carpentier's informers cite at least two Presidents – Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, -as having firsthand knowledge of aliens, with two species of beings trying to exert influence. The former reportedly boarded a UFO while the latter was said to have met some ETs at Muroc on February20 or 21, 1954. It was speculated that there was a secret understanding between the US government and extraterrestrial visitors who may even have done technology transfer.
One, termed 'Nordics' because they were blonde, blue-eyed and tall, seemed well-disposed to humans, and so, against the nuclear programme. The other, termed 'Greys', were four feet tallhumanoids, apparently hostile to humans. However, given the secrecy with which scientists, intelligence operatives, defence personnel and the powers that be function, such accounts are not verifiable. The suggestion that the Nordics may even have set up base near the Nevada nuclear test site provides scope for surmise. Pictures of aliens, sourced to an informer, and which are published in the book, give rise to the idea that the creatures may have been bio-robots or cyborgs, perhaps even genetically engineered.
Some important questions arise. Were extra terrestrials intervening so as to avert a catastrophe? Why do governments across the world – the US, in particular – persist in denying paranormal phenomena despite evidence to the contrary? Are these beings linked to the very nature of reality, as we know it? French savant Robert Desbois made a significant observation:
"What if the element which accounts for all we see, including UFOs and other strange phenomena, related and unrelated to them, is consciousness? It is impossible to rule out the hypothesis that the consciousness which makes life possible and makes us human, the operating system of our species as it were, instills in us visions and experiences perhaps dictated or inspired by our collective desire to evolve higher intellectual and mental abilities. We could not tell the difference between real material events and collective or individual psychological impressions, akin to mystical visions".
Astronomer Allen Hynek said: "I am convinced that we can't figure out the UFO phenomenon unless we admit that it overlaps the fields of physics and consciousness".

The significant insights that the author gained from his extended stay in parts of the US, especially regions associated with paranormal activities, led him to record his observances and off-the-record discussions on the subject in this book. He lets facts to unfurl the narrative. The title, says the author, is an "Allegory for the US and Aspen both to evoke the biblical quote often used by American preachers and politicians".
The town of Aspen is in the mountainous Colorado state, which is also known for the Aspen Institute. A large part of his time was spent there, a privileged enclave for the wealthy, with forays into Boulder and some secluded research centres and places. The American dream – reviled as a druginduced, artificially conditioned experience by anti-establishment observers – is dissected threadbare by 'insiders', those in the know perhaps and who have the added advantage of being part of the educated and upwardly mobile class.
They, in fact, emerge as the most acerbic critics of the establishment, in which they are or at some stage were ensconced.
The narrative, in retrospect, convincingly puts together a milieu where privileged members of occult secret societies/business cabals that may even harbour satanic leaning coexist uneasily with Christian revivalists, White Aryan supremacists, theosophists, rebels, Blacks who survived slavery and rabid racism, immigrants and, above all, the Jewish finance and Hollywood clique that effectively spins the American dream. This melting pot of disparate peoples comprises the US, with the white elite ostensibly still on top, but there are shadow masters who orchestrate and control the powerful security and intelligence establishment.
The author's resolve to explore the mystery further presages an engrossing sequel to this book.