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May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         May 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:May' 2018


Where rulers fail ...

Humra Quraishi

Sakshi Maharaj and Yogi Adityanath There can be a hundred television debates on rape and rapists but the crux lies in the fact that a large percentage of today's political rulers are not just corrupt but have criminal cases against them. Quite obviously affected is the entire policing system and the administrative machinery and, of course, us!
A hundred new laws or reforms can be introduced but the mess is bound to persist because today you have Sakshi Maharaja ( who happens to be Member Parliament from Unnao where the 16 year was raped by BJP's sitting MLA) inaugurating a night club in Lucknow and roaming about scot free! This when he has several criminal charges slapped on him…
Taking you still further, there were criminal charges against Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, till he sat on the chief ministerial throne and had those charges removed! Not just that, he is in the process of 'removing' or 'dropping' charges against several of his tainted BJP ministers and political workers.
In December 2017, he announced that his government is bringing a law to withdraw "politically-motivated" cases, registered against ministers, legislators and others in the state.
The proposed law seeks to scrap about 20,000 such cases registered in various parts of the state! These announcements by a chief minister leaves one aghast, in the backdrop of the fact that criminals are ruling us, in various garbs and hues. Last summer (August 2017) a study conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a non-government organisation
working for electoral reforms, brought forth hitting facts on the country's lawmakers : As many as 51 MPs and MLAs have declared cases of crime against women, including of alleged rape and abduction. Of the 51, 48 are Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and three are Members of Parliament
(MPs)…Giving party-wise details, the study stated that among various recognised parties, the BJP has the highest number of MPs and MLAs (14), followed by the Shiv Sena (7) and the All India Trinamool Congress (6) who have declared cases related to crime against women.
ADR and National Election Watch have analysed 4,852 out of 4,896 election affidavits of current MPs and MLAs. This includes 774 out of 776 affidavits of MPs and 4,078 out of 4,120 MLAs from all the states of India. Out of the analysed 1,581 (33%) MPs and MLAs with declared criminal cases, 51 have declared cases related to crimes against women...334 candidates analysed who had declared cases related to crime against women were given tickets by recognised political parties.
Among these candidates, 40 were given tickets by parties for Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha elections. Various recognised parties have given tickets to 294 candidates with cases related to crime against women for state assembly elections...
The study also brought into focus the fact that in the last five years, 19 independent candidates with declared cases related to crime against women contested in the LS and RS elections. And 103 independent candidates with declared cases related to crime against women contested in the state assembly polls…Another fact came to the fore: over the last five years, 48 candidates with declared cases related to crime against women were given tickets by the BJP. The second highest number of candidates (36) who had declared cases related to crime against women were given tickets by the BSP, followed by 27 candidates from the INC which had contested for LS/RS and state assemblies elections. Another fact: Among the states, Maharashtra has the highest number of MPs and MLAs (12) who have declared cases of crime against women, followed by West Bengal (11) and Odisha (6)….Also, among the states, Maharashtra has the highest number of candidates (65) in the last five years, followed by Bihar (62) and West Bengal (52) (including independents) who were given tickets by political parties even though they declared cases related to crime against women in their

Poison spreading out

Tell me, in such a scenario where do we go? What should we do? Shouldn't we yell and scream: the tainted politicians have to get out! Out of the system. Out of the public domain Out of our lives. Out from any of the posts grabbed by them! Sheer poison is spreading out.
Look at the havoc taking place in the Jammu region Probably worse than the Partition times, which had seen communal frenzy spread out to such an extent that entire clans had no option but to run for their lives…hundreds had been killed if not uprooted from the Jammu region.
And today Jammu remains as communally charged as it was in the 1940s. Communal politics unleashed over the rape and murder of a 8 year old child, who was even denied burial in her village. Her family had to carry her battered and bruised and broken body for eight kilometres, to another village, where she lies buried.
It gets painful to describe the emotions one is going through. Unbelievable, yet true that we are destined to live in such harsh times , where little children are raped and murdered to settle disputes. To top it all, you have political men publicly defending the rapists!
The deteriorating political pollution seems to be affecting hundreds. There's that fury and ferociousness. Everyone's on some wild chase…wilder it gets as the atmosphere gets surcharged.
Polluted atmosphere, polluted minds, polluted system. And in this mahaul its not very amiss to hear poison - dripping polluted speeches of the communally charged. Nothing short of raping the very psyche! At least the kings of yesteryears killed at one go .Not like today's politicians hell bent on killing our souls, raping our psyche, day after day with those poison dripping speeches, and yet they remain intact and untouched. The nexus leaves them untouched.
We have gone beyond decay…much too far into degeneration. With tyranny spreading out, one is not too sure who all will be raped and killed by the political rulers and their men, roaming around scot free to terrorize the hapless and then come on television debates to scream and shout and defend their tyranny! Leaving you with these lines of Sahir Ludhianvi 'Tyranny is but tyranny; when it grows, it is vanquished/
Blood however is blood; if it spills, it will congeal/
It will congeal on the desert sands, on the murderer's hands/
On the brow of justice, and on chained feet/
On the unjust sword, on the sacrificial body/

Blood is blood, if it spills, it takes root/
Let them hide all they want, skulk in their lairs/
The tracks of spilled blood will point out the executioners' abode/ Let conspiracies shroud the truth with darkness/
Each drop of blood will march out, holding aloft a lamp/…
That blood which you wished to bury in the killing fields/ Has risen today in the streets and courts/
Somewhere as a flame, somewhere as a slogan, somewhere else as a flung stone/ When blood flows, banoyets cannot contai8n it /
When it raises its defiant head, laws will not restrain it /
Tyranny has no caste, no community, no status nor dignity/ Tyranny is simply tyranny; from its beginning to its end/
Blood however is blood; it becomes a hundred things:
Shapes that cannot be obliterated/ Flames that can never be extinguished/
Chants that will not be suppressed.'