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Issue:March' 2020


Islamabad sidelined

RC Ganjoo

All Party Hurriyat Conference members at a meeting in Islamabad on
19 Jan, 2020.
After the abrogation of Art 370 and 35 A, the consistent diplomatic and military pressure maintained by India forced Pakistani strategists to accept that their concerted exercises to delink Kashmir from India has not only proved futile, but also made Pakistan economically , politically and socially exhausted.
On Feb 5, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan recognized the irrevocability of the reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir state and revocation of its special status. Prime Minister of PoK Raja Farooq Haider warned Khan against accepting US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation on the Kashmir issue.
Taking a cue from a special meeting of the All Party Hurriyat Conference ( APHC) held in Islamabad on January 19 last , he said the participation of the nonMuslim community from Jammu and Ladakh regions in the freedom activities is need of the hour. The meeting, chaired by APHC General Secretary Mohammad Hussain Khateeb was attended by two special guests, Muhammad Farooq Rahmani and Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl. Mohammad Farooq Rahmani, Chairman, People's Freedom League, said the Hurriyat leadership should have contacted the non-Muslims of Jammu much before.

According to reliable sources, Pakistan's secret agency ISI has distanced itself from separatist leaders as they have failed in their eyes to serve Pakistan's purpose, Pakistan wants that Kashmiri should fight their own battle with moral and diplomatic support.

Highly placed intelligence sources say that a strong group of 400 -450 from J-e-M ( Jaish-eMohamamd), have taken vantage shelters in dense jungles which falls in Bandipora and Gandarbal districts. Jaish -e-Mohammad belongs to Deobands School of thought. It believe in Wahhabi principles. Jaish-e-Mohammad has its terrorist outfit based in Pakistan and is active in Kashmir.

Azhar Masood heads this organisation in Pakistan. JeM originally operated its training camps in Afghanistan, jointly with the other militant groups. After the fall of the Taliban government, it relocated them to Balakote and Peshawar in KhyberPakhtunkhwa and Muzaffarabad in PoK.

The Deobandi movement in Pakistan has been a major recipient of funds from Saudi Arabia from the early 1980s till early 2000s. Later, this funding was diverted to the rival Ahl-alHadith movement.

During the Indian independence movement, the Deobandis advocated composite nationalism in which Hindus and Muslims were seen as one nation united against the British.

After the abrogation of Art 370 and 35 A , mainstream political parties, such as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), National Conference (NC) , Congress, Peoples Conference (PC) and other splinter groups, lost their credibility and image in public because of their wicked deeds committed in the past.

Speculations are rife that former minister Altaf Bukhari in PDP has been hobnobbing with the BJP to provide them a new political business in J&K UT.