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A saviour even in death

V.P. Prabhakar

Malkit Singh (Mittu), all of 24, a resident of Balyana village,Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), and employed with a private company in Mohali (Punjab), died the same way he lived --- by caring and giving. Compassion was, in fact, at the core of his being. During his life, he gave others the ‘gift of life’ through his regular blood donations. In death, he became a saviour for many lives by being an organ donor.”
These were the sentiments expressed by Naresh, the heart-broken but extremely courageous father of the deceased, who immortalised his son by consenting for the noble act of organ donation that gave a second lease of life to three terminally ill organ failure cases and sight to two corneal blind patients, thereby sustaining hope in five people in the PGI, Chandigarh, on April 30.

“Our hearts are utterly broken, we will never be able to see our loving son and we miss him every single minute of every day, but because of his kindness, other families will not suffer the same heartache of losing their dear ones. Malkit brought us so much joy and love and now he has given the same to five different families as well, we could not be more proud of him, ” added Naresh as the mortal remains of Malkit Singh were being handed over to him at the mortuary of the PGI after the retrieval of the organs.

Malkit's wailing mother, Nirmala Devi, still in shock and disbelief, said, “Strange are God’s ways. It was so sudden, in less than two days he was gone, and we were all left standing, dumb, empty handed, not able to do anything.”

The brilliant life of Malkit Singh was cut short at its prime when he was admitted to the PGI in an extremely precarious condition due to a head injury on account of a fall in the morning hours of April 27.

Despite being cared for with the best of medical attention, Malkit could not be retrieved due to poor prognosis . PGI doctors said they met twice on April 28 to decide about the case and late at night around 11.35 pm, but Malkit Singh was declared brain dead.

It was then that Navdeep Bansal, the transplant coordinator on duty at the PGI, raised the matter of organ donation with Naresh and Nirmala Devi, parents of deceased Malkit Singh, who gave their consent for it.

Following the family’s decision of organ donation, liver, pancreas, kidneys and corneas were retrieved from the deceased.

The harvested liver, pancreas and kidneys of the deceased were transplanted in three people, waiting terminally ill organ failure cases at the PGI, giving them a fresh lease of life. The retrieved corneas would be transplanted to restore the eye sight of two corneal blind patients. This way, the extremely generous decision of the family of donor Malkit Singh impacted five lives tangibly and many more intangibly.

Prof A K Gupta, Medical Superintendent-cum-Head, Deptt. of Hospital Administration, PGI, detailing about the latest cadaver donation experience, stated, “We commend the resolute and indomitable spirit of the donor family. In fact, words fail to describe their noble deed.

The donor families like that of Malkit Singh instil confidence in the cadaver donation programme and become instrumental in saving precious lives. They are our real heroes. Malkit Singh’s story, like every donor’s story, is a resurrection story. Out of death and despair came new life.”

“Also appreciable are the determined efforts of the entire PGIMER team involved in the process which enabled the noble wish of the family translate into reality by impacting five lives through transplantation.” Prof Gupta stated.