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Issue:June' 2019


Wages of personality cult

Subhrangshu Gupta
from Kolkata

Job Charnock's city of Kolkata has now been safronised and after BJP's massive victory in the poll, Mamata Banerjee has given up her plan for 'dictating, directing and deciding' on the formation of the thirdparty anti-BJP federal front and it's ministry-making.
And the small and regional party leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Ms Mayabati, Chandrababu Naidu, who were openly or silently getting themselves ready in the race for prime ministership, now cannot act as power-brokers.
Throughout the campaign period, the TMC supremo, Mamata claimed that her party would win in all 42 seats(presently, occupying 34 seats)in the next Lok Sabha. But in the State, BJP won 19 seats (against only 2 seats) againt TMC's 22. The BJP today is in the position of forming the single party government in the country for running for next five years.
Mamata says she was humbly accepting the verdict of the people but their defeat did not mean that the people had deserted them and they lost their faith and confidence in them.

Mamata says they would still fight for peace and stability and will fight against all communal and devisive forces. We will not allow the nation to be divided on communal cards, religion and casteism, she reiterated.

Mamata does not think TMC in any way had lost the election. They had been defeated because of the BJP's man and machinery power, using of police and administration and various other official machineries including the CBI, Mamata alleged.

But the fact is that in the past few years, the TMC's popularity was gradually eroding and the party's acceptability to the people was losing because of various reasons.

An anti-incumbency factors had been standing in the way. Moreover, the involvement of many TMC leaders, workers etc in corruptions and other illegal and antinational activities, was making the TMC unpopular.

A section in the party was not satisfied at Mamata Banerjee's style of functioning- She was often accused of dictatorship.

She was becoming unpopular for her highhandedness and roughly behaving with several senior leaders which had forced some trusted and loyal leaders to leave the party and joining with the BJP. Incidentally, some newly elected BJP leaders originally hailed from the BJP.

Mamata's as well as the party's image had been damaged to a large extend following their involvement in the Sarada and Narada and several other chit fund scams. Many TMC ministers and leaders were arrested and jailed for their involvement in corruptions and scams.

The people who had welcomed Mamata and showered blessings on her when, under her leadership, the TMC dislodged the CPI(M) from power in 2011 election after the party's prologned 34 years of the misrule, soon started cursing them, hating them and demanding their removal.

Many prominent and respected people who voluntarily joined hands with Mamata during the movement in Singhur and Nandigram, at once stage were seen distancing themself from the TMC, which was costing immencely to the party's image.

Mamata admits of their drawbacks and lapses. She says the time has come that the party needs to be revitalised and their lapses and wrong-doings be rectified.

She does not think the Bengal people were deserting the TMC and other nationalised parties and accepting the BJP and other communal forces. She admits the BJP was a well-nit and well-organised party with larger resources and larger money power, which helped them win the election so overwhelmingly.