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Dismantle Sports Authority


India is the only country which refuses to see beyond its capital, New Delhi, for holding the multi-disciplined games like Asian, Commonwealth and even Olympics. The worst malady is that all stadiums, built for the 1982 Asian Games, were dismantled to ashes to construct new ones for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
According to a study, triple amount of tax payers' money was (mis) spent on the project. Instead of 20-25 stadia at one-third cost thrusting and throbbing, there are 10-12 renovated stadia remain at same, old venues. What a mindless activity!
India, again, is the only nation, which does not believe in the ageold concept of stadia standing for sportspersons, of sportspersons and by sportsperson. The shocking reality is that the budding talent of schools, colleges and universities is denied entry at new stadia, they are refused use and utilization of sophisticated equipment and facilities to further harness their natural resources .
The research shows that stadia and equipment rot and die more for disuse than any rewarding utilization.
In sharp contrast, the sportsminded countries select fresh cities and venues when they bid for another round of games like four- yearly Olympics. These sporting countries that quality will emerge from quantity. They believe: "the more the stadia, the merrier will be the scenario". They are convinced that more talent will surface and more it will be harnessed if the facilities are multiplied at different cities. Why put all eggs in one basket?
Japan, South Korea and China in Asia, for example, have staged multi-disciplined games like Olympic extravaganza more than once. They did not dismantle or destroy any stadia, they added forthegains of the country. Because of this refreshing idea and thinking, the assembly line of talent has grown- much bigger and more varied than that of India, which, sadly, has closed mind on all these issues.

India is the only country Suresh Kalmadi where government, private agencies and others spoil Olympic medal winners so completely that they have no zeal, enthusiasm, and physical and mental health to retain or improve on the previous performance.

Suresh Kalmadi For the 2010 Commonwealth Games, there was an unprecedented enthusiasm and awakening among sportspersons. The level of self-belief had increased beyond imagination. With tears and toil and complete foursupport and immense sacrifices of parents. "WE can do it" was the mantra. The women and men won medals and did India proud. They saw tri-colour flying and national anthem being sung to declare rise of 'new India, incredible India'. They achieved it without any help from the concerned federation or SAI or any other agency.
India is again the only country where government, private agencies and others spoil Olympic medal winners so completely that they have no zeal, enthusiasm, and physical and mental health to retain or improve on the previous performance. Study living conditions of athletes before they won a medal. Now they are rolling in wealth, maintaining a high class of living without any ambition of maintaining their reputation. No one grudges them a better lifestyle but they must bear in mind that their only discipline was the one that saw them win their medal.
In sharp contrast of great doings of sportspersons, a team of senior officials, led by the chief of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Suresh Kalmadi, brought disrepute and poured poison on sacred canvas of sports. More than half-a-dozen officials were guilty of blatant wrong doings.

Vijay Goel The investigations revealed that they had caused an unprecedented damage to the cause and spirit of the games. They were hauled up and arrested for corruption and financial bungling running in several crores. One by one, all of them secured bail with influence and money cushion. According to reports, during these painful years, the evidences are said to have been weakened or destroyed . No one knows what is the physical health of these cases.
Maybe, many of them will escape jail for lack of evidence. They will be free to regain control of this or that federation, subject to their eligibility of the Supreme Court.
The recent incidence of unhygienic toilets obtaining in the Asia Wrestling Championship at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium have caused ripples in sports circles. The part of the stadium wore a dirty look; toilets were filled with filth, dirt and foul smell.
A vigilant journalist of the alert daily broke the story. This saw Sports Minister, Vijay Goel, up in arms. He visited the dirty venue. He saw it and even used a broom for an act of a 'cheap publicity'.

Buta Singhl If an agile journalist of a watchful daily could get 'smelly dope' for unhygienic conditions, why not sports ministry could get 'dirty picture of toilets'? Accompanied by the SAI officicial, Manjushree Roy who, on the quiet and subtly, wanted to throw blame on the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). The investigations show that only a few keys of rooms and toilets were handed over to the WFI but bulk of keys of important rooms and toilets were still in possession of the SAI. According to reports, a huge sum of between Rs 2 lakh and 3 lakh were spent on sophisticated gadgets and equipment. India has never been known for providing due weight to hygiene. Worldwide, every house-small, big and palatial—consider a corner/toilet room to be the most important place as every user, in solitude, has o spend 3-4 minutes to 30-35 minutes.

Narendra Modi The Sports Authority of India (SAI) was born after the 1982 Asian Games. Buta Singh was the first minister, The birth of the SAI was the untimely death of the National Institute of Sports (NIS). During these 35 years from 1983 to 2017, the SAI contribution is cipher. Just nothing. Hundreds of crores have been misspent on salaries, perks, houses, travelling of the officers.

Praful Patel The money is virtually thrown into gutter. The SAI stands for Suffocating (Sports) Authority of India (SAI).
The BJP government, led by dynamic Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will do yeoman's service to the cause of sports and Olympic spirit by dismantling this SAI body which is 'brain-dead' just as the then football president, Niranjan Dasmunsi's dead body lying in Appollo hospital for the last 10 years.
The government is bearing the expenses since he was a minister when he was admitted to hospital.
The president of All-India Football Federation is Praful Patel, known for causing turmoil in national airlines, Air India and Indian Airline (dead).