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June 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.  Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       June 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.   Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       
Issue:June' 2017


Need for a Court judgment

Your cover story on the Ayodhya issue offers a complete analysis of a century-old problem troubling our Nation . You have rightly observed that in post-Independence India it was former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who had ordered the locks on the Ram Janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid to be removed . And political leaders of all hues have played politics with the Ram Temple issue.
Given this background, I think , the Supreme Court's counsel of "a give and take approach to arrive at a consensus" and to "reach an out --of - court settlement" makes little sense. We all know the kind of vote-bank politics most of our current political leaders indulge in to capture power .
It does not suit them not to whip up religious sentiments of the people on the issue .
The Court must go by the findings of the Archaeological Survey of India and give a judgment in the case. The Court may also keep in mind that while most of the Hindus are looking genuinely for a Ram Temple at Ayodhya, most of the Muslims care little for a mosque. The temple is associated with religious sentiments of Hindus. To Muslims only three mosques-- Mecca, Medina and Al Aqsa are important .

Sundaram Pillai

Greatness of the Other America !

I would like to thank Nancy Pelocy and other US Congress representatives for their recent visit to Dharamsala . While US President Donald Trump buys silence on China's repression of Tibet for his daughter's business deals in China, their visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala represents the other USA. We do hope that many more Congressmen will stand up to the cause of Tibetan freedom – Tibet of Dalai Lama that symbolizes a political and social culture that epitomizes spirituality in all departments of life; the ultimate human striving. We also wish that reason, justness and goodwill that this delegation represents will be restored as American reality in place of selfishness and commerce as the reality of present American rule.

Rajiv Vora

Noted Gandhian and former Editor,
Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

South Asia satellite

Our space scientists deserve applause for having launched the GSAT-9 'South Asia satellite' last month. Knowledgeable sources say the development of this system shows Indian science is always committed to the development of the entire world and that of our neighbours is a priority. This satellite would grant at least one transponder each to our South Asian neighbours.
Satellites are highly useful in the fields of communication, telemedicine, meteorological forecasting and broadcasting today. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have launched satellites with Chinese assistance . Afghanistan, the Maldives and Nepal have discussed satellite projects with China. Bangladesh has been working with a European agency. The sense of commitment Indian scientists have had in the development of this satellite is also commendable . India has launched satellites on indigenously developed launch vehicles. It did not allow any obstacle on the way to hinder the project.

Canvery Mukherjee

High expectations

Hassan Rouhani It is heartening that Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as Iran's President. He scored an emphatic victory over his main challenger and former prosecutor Ebrahim Raisi . One has high expectations of Rouhani. He is a moderate. He agreed to a deal with world powers to limit Iran's nuclear programme . After this nuclear deal oil exports have rebounded in Iran.
Inflation is back at single-digits in the country . However , unemployment still remains high. Also, the rights scenario is still grim in the country . Rouhani has openly attacked the conservative-dominated judiciary and security services. He has to show the results on this front.

Naseem Siddiqui

Injustice to doctors

In May last year Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that Central Government doctors would now retire at the age of 65. But the Prime Minister's decision is being complied with only in the case of doctors in the Allopathy stream . The Ministry of Ayush seems to have its own rules . The doctors in other streams of Indian medicine --- Ayurveda, Yoga, Sidha, Unani and Homoeopathy-- are being retired before they reach superannuation.

I would appeal to the Prime Minister through your news magazine to look into the matter and order the needful. The declared policy of the successive governments has been to encourage Indian systems of medicine and treat their doctors on par with those practising allopathy. Recent Pay Commissions have given a general parity between doctors of different streams in all matters--- salaries and allowances as well as in career progression .
More importantly, there is an acute shortage of doctors in non-Allopathy streams. Doctors in these streams must be given extension in their tenure. It would be helpful to the patients in the non-Allopathy streams . There is an increasing diseases burden on our health system due to life style aberrations today. The AYUSH SYSTEM can play a great role in reducing life-style related diseases . We need more experienced AYUSH practitioners at senior level .

Concerned Citizens