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A creative director

Santosh Mehta

Madhur Bhandarkar Sheer hard work and dedication helps one reach the top and the life of noted film maker Madhur Bhandarkar that proves this and gives food for action to the younger aspirants of any field. Padmashri award winner, Madhur Bhandarkar got fame after directing Chandini Bar' which got him National award as best film-director.
However, Producer-director Madhur Bhandarkar, 48, has a penchant to court controversies. His latest movie ‘Indu Sarkar’ had much trouble due to its subject related to political angle but he got clearance after several cuts and disclaimer that the movie was a work of fiction and had nothing to do with former prime minister Indira Gandhi.
He got much appreciation after making a film on Mumbai Bar girls "Chandini Bar’. That got commercially hit as well as critically acclaimed and won him the National Award.
After his successful film "Chandani Bar" he made several interesting and women-oriented films such as "Fashion", "Page 3", "Traffic Signal", "Corporate", "Indu Sakar" among others. Asked about his "Page 3", he said that the idea of making this theme did not germinate overnight. There were series of incidents that he witnessed in the parties.over a period of time that gave birth to " Page 3".
The success and critial acclaim for his "Page 3" has brought him into limelight. But he had the backing of many ‘regular page 3’ people, without whom the film would not be what it turned out to be in the end.That experience itself was that of a big celebration says the director.
Madhur is known for his woman-oriented films based on real theme whether its his 'Chandni Bar', "Page 3", "Corporate", 'Indu Sarkar", "Fashion" all his films got hit due to its interesing story along with the briiant performance with famous actresses Priyanka Chopra, Konkana Sen Sharma, Tabu, Kirti Kulhari among others.
No doubt,he has given his valuable contribution towards bollywood ,therefore, he was awarded the Padmashri by the President of India in 2016. He started his career working in a video cassette library in Khar in Mumbai and tried his skills with small-time filmmakers as an assistant at a meager salary of Rs. 1,000 per month,
Madhur got his break after he joined as an assistant to Ram Gopal Varma and played cameo role in "Rangeela". Then after two years, he directed 'Chandani Bar' (2001) starring Tabu and Atul Kulkarni with a budget of Rs.15 million. The film was critically acclaimed, became a box office success and took him into top league of filmmakers in Bollywood.
He received his first National Award for this film and thereon won National awards for his films Page- 3 and Traffic Signal. His movie Fashion (2008) also won National Awards for Best Actress (Priyanka Chopra) and for Best Supporting Actress (Kangana Ranaut).
Now, Madhur is a famous film-maker , script writer, and producer. He made his directorial debut with Trishakti and directed many hit films . His film based on famous people ‘Page 3 , Traffic signal, Fashion all these films got him much appreciation including film-fare awards. He is a great devotee of Siddhivinayak for the last 18 years and regularly visits Vaishno Devi temple and Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Madhur married his girlfriend Renu Namboodiri on December 15, 2003 and has a daughter named Siddhi. In most of his films, Madhur's protagonist is females -- Tabu in Chandani Bar, Raveena Tandon in Satta, Konkona Sen Sharma in Page 3, Bipasha Basu in Corporate, Neetu Chandra in Traffic Signal, Priyanka Chopra in Fashion and Kareena Kapoor in Heroine.
"My movies are not exposes, maybe, they just hold up a mirror to society. My movies are not judgmental. I just show whatever happens in our society, sometimes there could be a solution but Life goes on." says Madhur.

After directing many hit films now, Madhur is planning to direct a sequel to Fashion 2. after 10 years but he wanted to direct this film again due to its success story and theme.
Therefore, he decided to make sequel on "Fashion" and this is the first time he is making a sequel on his hit film 'Fashion".
He has always made low-budget films. But Fashion was a more acclaimed film, however, at the box-office success ‘Heroine’ was much better and even profitable venture .On the other hand ,' Indu Sarkar' had limited budget but it was content driven film.
As a film-maker, I have tried my best to show emergency period to my younger youth through my “Indu Sarkar’ adds the award-winning film-maker.
Even one can say that Bollywood film actress Priyanka Chopra's career got high after she acted in Madhur Bhandarkar’s 'Fashion’..
Madhur said he has the concept of making Fashion sequel and he has few real-stories in his mind and all inspired from the real world.

As an creative director Madhur is always keen on making films on the basis of his personal experience.
" I am always interested to make my films on the realitybased stories which is relevant to the society. Therefore, my focus will be only in the real-story" says noted director. Incidentally, Madhur has directed all his films on real-life incidents such as ' Chandni Bar',' Page 3' is connected directly to famous people including film-stars and others. On the other hand, 'Corporate' is a story of business-related then 'Calender girls' based on the young upcoming models struggle and success. .
However, Madhur still recalls his hard time after he directed 'Indu Sarkar', based on the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Although he had fictional character of Indira Gandhi, the film got much controversy and he had tough time and had to seek personal security.
These days, there is a trend of making sequels but it’s the first time Madhur has decided to make a sequel. He admits that making sequels never interested him. Being a successful film-director, he always tried his best to show positive ends in all his films but never thought to make sequel on any of his films.
Asked about his latest upcoming "Fashion", he said that he had been thinking about the other stories related to the world and the film was initially three hours and 10 minutes long but he had to cut it to two hours and 35 minutes.