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January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Trump's one year

M. R. Dua

Donald Trump When Donald J. Trump, New Y o r k ' s f l amb o y a n t p o l i t i c a l novice and real estate billionaire-showman, was declared elected as the United States' 45th President on the morning of November 9, 2016, his triumph was widely termed by a vast majority of Americans as the most astounding and perhaps the 'ugliest' occurrence of the century. The most unexpected, bolt-from-the-blue win for the Republican Party's presidential candidate too was perhaps the greatest and ironically, the 'happiest,' 'shock and awe' of his lifetime.
For Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump's Democratic Party's most celebrated opponent, the former First Lady and exsecretary of state, this was the biggest setback of her life, practically ending her political career.
As Donald Trump completes a tumultuous first year of his presidency (on January 20, 2018), it's bound to be remembered probably as one of the most scandalous year in any American presidency so far,and probably far a long time to come. The fact is that even before Trump was confirmed as the Republican Party (GOP) presidential candidate in July 2016, a plethora of allegations against him were already in the public domain. Candidate Trump's alleged myriad indiscretions against young beautiful girls television and show biz stars, and countless women socialites, his umpteen sprees of financial bungling, irregularities and bankruptcies, including the alleged cheating of hundreds of the defunct Trump University MBA students, and multiple charges against him in the real estate business are legion.
While swarms of allegations kept lengthening even before President Trump took over the Oval Office, the last 12 months have also witnessed serious charges against him. Recently (December 14), many women came out 'publicly accusing' the president of sexual harassment and assault. These women have also shared with media first-hand accounts of his sexual misconduct, and have demanded Congressional or judicial investigations of such misconduct.
During the 2016 presidential campaign, this writer watched many live television news stories wherein women named, and detailed their harrowing experiences in dealings with Trump. These stories are believed to have given birth to the '#Me Too Movement'and disclosed by the much-talked film titled '16Women and Donald Trump'. In this film, these 16 women have individually described at length 'sexual harassment and assaults by President Trump.' The president has repudiated the reports, and the White House has said 'it's official that the women are lying.'
The president is also facing mountains of allegations that he and many of his close family relations (sons, daughter, son-in- law, etc.) sought and got the assistance from many Russian officials in Washington and Moscow to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump as the GOP nominee, was able to tilt the result in his favour with Russian help.

As this collaboration was allegedly proved, the U.S. Justice Department appointed and authorized the Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller, to 'investigate (alleged) links and /or any coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Trump.' The Bloomberg television has also alleged that Trump's Russian collaborators had 'fiddled with the voters' data in 39 American states which turned the tables on Hillary Clinton. Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, former FBI director, said to be a person of impeccable fame with high credentials, was appointed on May 17 last to report within a reasonable timelimit about the dirty games Russians played in the most acrimoniously contested presidential election in US poll history.
he was given a free hand and unlimited resources for a thorough probe. The Mueller inquiry is said to have completed most of the task and is likely to indict the Trump team, media says.
If that happens, Trump is in danger of losing the presidency, before his four-year term ends on Jan. 20, 2018. Innumerable media reports aver that all the Trump family members played nefarious role in affecting the Trump poll victory. The inquiry will also look into business activities of President Trump.
The Russians are said to have made many real estate deals with the Trump Empire in the US, and other countries. The US intel agencies reportedly say that 'the Kremlin deployed cyber attacks and stolen documents in an effort to damage Hillary Clinton's presidential bid and bolster Trump's chances.' Incidentally, the Mueller inquiry has cost the taxpayer more than $6.5 million, says The Washington Post.
It's worth recalling that on the inauguration day, January21,2017, itself, Donald Trump faced demonstrations and protests by majority African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and also by White American women who openly alleged that the Trump win to be 'illegitimate.' In addition, American women were also unhappy because their cherished ambition of catapulting the first American woman in the White House had come to a naught even after over 230 years of independent history.
As immediately after the White House came to grips with the situation, Trump talked about his campaign promises, mainly of 'Making America Great Again'. He had promised through uncounted tweets that on the day one, he'll 'repeal and replace' the Obama healthcare law; 'build a great wall' to stop illegal immigration of foreign nationals, particularly Mexicans; enact strict laws prohibiting people from Muslims countries coming to America; revise, redraw or do away concessions made to Iran under the nuclear treaty; fix issues with North Korea; do away, refashion or cancel trade pacts that 'harmed the US interests'; fulfill numerous commitments to the Americans, and US allies.
It's remarkable that on the ground his approval (63% unfavourable) has swiftly eroded. For, in almost all the essential national concerns, he has achieved little: Obama healthcare law is still intact; border wall is nowhere visible and there is no hope of its materializing in the future. Ban on Muslims' entry into the US, set aside by courts earlier,

has yet to become effective. North Korea's Kim keeps mouthing and has omitted foul and filthy language for the president by the day; none of the Trump pronounced threats have worked to cut 'the little rocket man' to size so far, and there seems little possibility of Trump doing so soon. Incidentally, the commander-in-chief Trump has been mocked as the 'tweeter-inchief, but he keeps firing relentlessly his meaningless tweets.
Media reports reveal that 'American president suffers from a narcissistic personality order, and the worry is that Trump will lead the US into war,' with North Korea to save his presidency that may come under danger if the Mueller inquiry report finds ocular proof of active Russian support for Trump's 2016 presidential race for the White House.
Besides, the nation is feeling humiliaed by an unprecedented deluge of accusations by several senior lawmakers—past and present-- and celebrity women of yesteryears. It seems the day of reckoning is not far off. In fact, it's being seen as drawing closer due to Trump's recent announcement that the American embassy in Israel will be moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
The 67-member Organization of Islamic Countries, including a US ally Turkey, and many US allies from the West (France, etc.) have risen in arms against Trump's decision. The Palestinians have threatened to declare independence and announce Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.
Thus, if Trump stays in the White House, 2018 will witness far stronger movements against the United States.That's bound to keep President Trump's plates brimming with problems, keeping the world on the boil, and adding heat to the demand for his removal!