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January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Bold and successful

R.C. Ganjoo

Nuzhat Gull Successful women work a gimlet to a single aim. Meet two damsels hailing from villages in paradise on earth Kashmir.
Nuzhat Gull, 40, born in a l a n d l o r d s family with r u r a l b a c k g r o u n d from Shopian village, is the only woman in India, who has been on the male turf for the past over one decade.
With a degree in horticulture and landscape and specialisation in turf management from the University of Massachusetts, Gull started to work as turf manager at 18-hole Royal Springs Golf Course (RSGC) in Srinagar till 2013.
She grew up in the lap of nature and was captivated with flowers, trees of the nature since her childhood. She was inspired by her father who as an agronomist suggested her to take up agriculture as her graduate programme. She became the country's first certified turf grass specialist and first lady golf course superintendent of India and, gradually, the first lady golf course secretary of India. At present she is the secretary, Kashmir Golf Course (KGC), and is responsible for remodeling golf course in 8 months record.
Being the first lady in this profession of male dominated game, Gull could overcome all the barriers because of her understanding of the subject and hardworking.
She was very lucky in getting parents support for making her career. "My parents were very ahead of the times. They gave me the freedom and space. I was lucky to have parents who believed in me and my capacity to choose for myself.
After marriage my husband, too, has been very supportive. "He always says, you are a fighter. You know your way forward", she acknowledged proudly. She has been extensively working for the preservation of Bio-Diversity and Natural Habitats. She introduced the concept of electrical retarding fencing at Royal Springs Golf Course, to keep wild animals in the buffer zone and away from the golf course. Besides, she introduced the concept of pesticides application safety training, disease scouting and identification, weed checklist formatting.
She is also involved in high altitude golf course c o n s t r u c t i o n guidelines in Bhutan. So far she has contributed to over 100 high profile golf events of c o r p o r a t e , p r o f e s s i o n a l and other p r omo t i o n a l events. About her plans, she said, "My plans are to support the golf course and turf industry in India. I keep on writing in turf magazines for integrated management programmes for healthy turf with less use of pesticides, less carbon emission and less bio hazardous substances. My stress is always on judicious usage of water on golf course and landscape areas. I support breeding programmes for less water requiring grasses, which is a new thing and using grasses which can be grown on reclaimed soils and municipal waters. My stress is on r e d u c i n g carbon foot prints on the golf courses."

Dr. Ridwana Sanam Dr. Ridwana Sanam, from a small town Phalgam in D i s t r i c t Anantnag, in Kashmir, was not so lucky.
Against the wishes of her parents, she didn't only embark her career but made every citizen feel proud of her today. She affirmed herself as a known physiotherapist at the age of 33. She was the first girl child in her family and area to give pragmatic vision to her passion. In the male dominated society. Sanam is a self-made entrepreneur, the founder and MD of KRV (Kknowledgeable, RResponsible, and V– Versatile) Healthcare & Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. in Gurugaon (Harayana). She obtained Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Mangalore. She is a Certified International Thera band Trainer (London), Certified International K Active Taping (Japan) and Consultant (Physiotherapy) from National University of Medical Sciences, USA.
It was not easy for her to become a physiotherapist. Her parents wanted her to be an orthopedic surgeon.
"I came to know about Physiotherapy and chose it as my career with the aim of keeping myself and people physically fit and pain free," she said. Her parents didn't support her because at that time there was no scope of Physiotherapy. She didn't lose her hope and will, put all her efforts to get Bechlor's in Physiotherapy from Karnataka. Her efforts bore fruits and, subsequently, her parents got convinced.

Gull & Sanam were felicitated She said, "I believe that we must listen to our heart. Everything we must do with dedication and happiness. We should believe in our own abilities. Being an entrepreneur, my role models are Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Dhirubhai Ambaini."
When asked about the message for aspiring female folk in Kashmir, she replied, " K a s h m i r i w o m e n , despite having a lot of knowledge, lag behind in exposure and skills. Women with power must take courage to participate in d e c i s i o n making. I am of firm belief that women can make better decision and take right decision with confidence."
Sanam was awarded by the World Women Leadership Congress awards for Best Entrepreneur Skills. Her company KRV, having more than 100 committed doctors on call, is providing physiotherapy services at the doorstep. It was also awarded as the Best Physiotherapy Company in India for 2014- 2015 in June 2016.
Besides, Sanam was appreciated as "Women of Substance" by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2013 (For preventing 35 thousand surgeries of osteo arthritis, slip disc and acl tear). She was awarded with the Best Physiotherapy Consultant by the Professional Golf Association of India in 2014. She was crowned as "Angel in Medical Services" at Gurgaon in November, 2013.
On November 24 last, along with other eminent personalities from various walks of life awarded at the 13th Sa Ma Pa Sangeet Sammelan (Sopori Academy of Music And Performing Arts) in New Delhi, both Gull and Sanam were felicitated.