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January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         January 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:Jan' 2018


Let's ring in 2018, with love

Elsa Lycias Joel

The year 2017 has ended; 2018 has commenced. I know about the futility of making resolutions. Yet our New Year resolutions are to help ourselves live the way we are destined to. One right doesn't undo many wrongs. But let's not limit ourselves from doing our small bit for goodness sake because we can't go on pretending day by day that someone somewhere will soon make a change. We should together experience.

The joy of planting hope, kindness, faith and love- a tree. Be it combating climate change, providing oxygen or canopy or wood or food or healing, conserving energy or cleaning the air and more, trees do it all and restore goodness of life and creation. Planting a sapling and watching it grow teaches us life's lessons in a beautiful way such as giving a space for others to grow even if it would result in a twisted branch, exercising uniqueness and flexing harder to dance in the winds. And if a tree dies, let's teach our children also to plant another one in its place, thereby help them realize the fact hope ought to be planted soon after a loss.

The art of storytelling in this world of hunger, strife and war isn't easy if it is to reinstate faith in humanity. Every human being out there is born receptive to goodness of life except that they encounter the unusual aspects of being human. Sharing our stories of hope will help people trust each other and maybe the trust factor created would simply become contagious too. Stories of people turning off their refrigerators, ACs, swapping incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent ones, walking to the nearest shop with a cloth bag, playing in the yard instead of a long drive might create an impact, perhaps a green living movement as such.

Trying each other's hobbies that would open a new world to us. Hereafter, it should never sound odd if we hear somebody using the words cycling and hobby together because cycling a few kilometers will not only pay off in terms of health but help us live better as we help the planet cool down a bit. If it's about learning an instrument, let's play familiar tunes and help each other sing just the way we want ourselves to.

Building an ARK a day that might raise someone's spirits and inspire people out there to simply pay it forward. In terms of scope, I think an ARK a day is the biggest project that humanity can ever succeed to restore hope and faith. Choose Acts of Random Kindness that speak louder for the world will hear and mimic as well.

The courage to lift our veil that grows so quickly over our eyes in this hectic world and see the all those things we failed to marvel at before. Lift the veil, feel and see the passing of time. As the world revolves around us, shouldn't we be far too busy enjoying all the beauty of life! With courage, we discover our capacities for friendships we would never suspect. Without lifting our veils it's hard to stop, observe, feel and prevent ourselves from trampling on a sapling.

The magic of being there for someone at the right time and maybe even carry some of the hurt or happiness if need be. Humans can't handle life all alone. So should we be strong against the wind and make ourselves available? Should we grow in unexpected ways? Should we stretch a little bit farther to reach out to somebody? If yes is the only answer, then no one shall laugh or cry or alone and everyone will dance in the summer breeze. I write this because I have heard stories of benevolence, good Samaritans, the propensity of resolutions placing something valuable along our paths, Acts of Kindness from the most unlikely lot and of a human who could singlehandedly make a measurable, positive impact on the environment by creating a 1400acre forest in Manjuli Island, Assam.