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December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Samadhi – Supreme consciousness

RC Ganjoo

Samadhi is the highest state of consciousness that a human can reach in life. It is the goal of our spiritual journey on earth. Samadhi is the blissful return to our Divine origin. When the thousand-petalled Lotus of the Sahasrara Chakra opens and the Jivatma dissolves within it, the goal of its long, experience-rich journey is reached, and its immortality life-long thirst for the “nectar of” (Amrita) is quenched.
AMAR TATTVA (or ADI TATTVA ) is the element of the Sahasrara Chakra that transforms our consciousness immediately into SAT CHIT ANANDA, the eternally true existence and eternally blissful consciousness, when we come into contact with it.
How can one describe the consciousness of Samadhi?
There is no longer any individuality. Consciousness and self-awareness continue to exist, but not in the previous duality of “that is mine” and “that is yours”. The person lives on, but from now on the inner Self remains with the Supreme Self. This means the end of all problems and pains, the end of the suffering, of rebirth and death. The liberated one lives on the earth in eternal happiness and joy, and, when the body is renounced, the consciousness dissolves completely in the Divine Self.
As mentioned before, there are several levels of consciousness : deep sleep, dream consciousness, waking consciousness, supreme consciousness and cosmic consciousness.
-At the lower end of the scale in deep sleep, we experience a state of mental
unconsciousness. The mind is free from restlessness and worries and we enjoy a deep, un-spoilt rest and relaxation. But when we awaken everything is as before. The thoughts and worries return, we find our situation and ourselves have not changed in the least. On the second last rung of the ladder of consciousness, we enter into the highest level of consciousness – Samadhi. Outwardly, one is unable to determine whether someone is in Samadhi. An observer could think that the person was in meditation, asleep or even unconsciousness. As in sleep, physical sensation such as heat, cold, hunger, thirst is strongly diminished in Samadhi.
The state of Samadhi, however, is in no way detrimental to the body. The Atma is at all times connected to the body, and is a witness to everything that occurs. Therefore, at any time one can return to “normal consciousness “just as one instantly awakens from a dream, if touched or spoken to.
Superficially, there may be little difference to sleep, but inwardly this is definitely not the case. We return form Samadhi consciousness fundamentally transformed. This means that even a completely uneducated and narrowminded person returns as a scholar and sage when immersed in the infinite, divine consciousness of the highest level of Samadhi. But even in Samadhi we are not completely one with the Cosmos. The final level of consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, can only be realised after death. Cosmic consciousness means to be one with the entire Universe, with every atom, and this is not possible on the physical level. As soon as the Supreme Consciousness begins to expand towards Cosmic Consciousness the earthly existence draws to a close. The body is “taken off” like an old article of clothing. Whether through illness or peacefully passing away.

In this Yoga Sutras, Patanjali describes three techniques, the practice and mastery of which will lead us to this Supreme state of consciousness – DHARANA, DHYANA and SAMADHI. DHARANA means concentration.
In concentration we direct our consciousness towards a single object (for example, a Bija Mantra), withdrawing it completely from all other things. For this it is crucial that we focus our attention totally on a single point. DHYAAN is mediation. This is the next step after concentration when the “I” begins to dissolve in the object. This is the preliminary stage to Samadhi. One can’t “learn” meditation. When body and mind are correctly attuned and have become quiet and pure, the meditative state occurs by itself- just as sleep overcomes us by itself when we go to bed in the evening.
SAMADHI is the Supreme Consciousness in which knower, knowledge and object of knowledge unite. I would like to know. I am knower. I would like the knowledge. With the union of these three points of view the certainty and experience of “I am that –so HAM” occurs. Because in reality we are that for which we are seeking!
When, with this knowledge, our Self unites with the Divine Self. It is like a radiant sunrise, like beginning of a day after long dark night. It is the union of the drops with the ocean, the rays with the sun. All sorrow, all fear, all type of adversities (DUHKHA) end now. These only exist while Karmas exist, and all Karmas burn in the fire of the Divine Knowledge. This is the process of MOKSHA, liberation, the goal of Yoga.
But with this, the path of development is, by no means, at an end because knowledge has no end. Rather, now ‘I’ begins a new phase of spiritual evolution; and in reality, it is only now that the real Yoga journey begins. We no longer grope around in front of us like the blind, but now progress consciously along the path, with vision and without doubts or uncertainty.
The consciousness of realised ones is so clear and pure that they are able to perceive the vibration of the self as light and sound. This unforgettable experience changes their lives fundamentally and permanently. They no longer identify with body, mind, senses, emotions, qualities, worldly positions and profession.
Their inner bliss is unshakable. The chains of Karma dissolve, and all associated attachments vanish. Atma Gyanis are fully conscious of their Divine existence as unlimited, unchanging, eternal begins. They discover the entire universe within and also identify the Self with the cosmos.
My body is whole earth. My consciousness expands in all four directions. My Prana is the energy that flows in every atom of the Universe. All elements in the Universe are my elements. I am the infinite space. My consciousness (Chidakasha) encompasses the entire Cosmos.
This cannot be experienced by the intellect alone –only when knowledge, knower and object become one. In the realisation of the unity of