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December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:December' 2018


NGO in action

RC Ganjoo

Bone marrow donor Zorawar Singh ( yellow turban ) with recipient Tejveer Singh ( in Red cap) cutting cake on the Marrow Donor Day. Everyone is special to someone. It was theWorld Marrow Donor Day on Sept 15, a special day for Tajveer Singh to meet his special life saving superman Zorawar Singh . When they met the moist eyes were the only witness to the emotional feelings of the moment. Zorawar Singh embraced Tejveer Singh. The message : there is someone who cares for someone’s life ! Recipient Tajveer Singh, 19 -yearold boy has been suffering from leukaemia for the past three years. He met his donor on this day with full of vigour as well as free from signs of disease. For the parents of Tejveer Singh , a new member Zorawar Singh was added to their family.
Three years ago, Tejveer Singh’s parents didn’t know if they would find a bone marrow match for their son . Thanks to Gene Bandhu (NGO) in Delhi, it got someone to save their son's life .
Zorawar Singh, a daily wager carpenter, while watching quietly the show, said " To save someone’s life is the best thing one can possibly do according to will of God. At Guruwara Raquab Ganj where awareness camp of NGO was set up , I registered my name with them as a donor." He was happy to donate his marrow

Dr. Vimrash Raina, President of Gene Bandhu The same story runs for a little four year old boy Arhaan from Rudrapur, Uttrakhand. According to his parents Asim Baig and Rahila Baig, when Arhaan was a few months old, he was diagnosed with Thalessemia Major.
Gene Bandhu found a young boy Jaspreet Singh from a village near Ludhiana(Village Kaddon, near Doraha) who had registered himself at a camp in a Gurudwara. He was a perfect match for Arhaan. After a lot of persistence by the Gene Bandhu team, his family agreed and his magic cells saved Arhaan’s life.
In October 2016 at Sir Ganagaram hospital Dr Anupam Sachdev carried out the procedure. Jaspreet Singh, a young enthusiastic boy, in his twenties has a respectable job in a bank.
He feels it was his duty to serve mankind. A bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure performed to replace bone marrow that has been damaged or destroyed by disease, infection, or chemotherapy. This procedure involves transplanting blood stem cells, which travel to the bone marrow where they produce new blood cells and promote growth of new marrow.
Doctors use these transplants to treat people with certain diseases, such as Leukemia, blood disorder like thalassemias, aplastic anaemia, sickle cell anaemia, multiple myeloma and certain immune deficiency diseases.
According to Dr Vimrash Raina , President , Gene Bandhu " of all patients diagnosed with blood disorders, only 25 per cent are fortunate to find a match with their siblings. The remaining 75 per cent are dependent on donors.
Unfortunately , there is no awareness about this latest medical science". There are other only two known stem cell registries in India DATRI in Chennai and MDRI ( Marrow Donors Registry India ) in Mumbai, besides Gene Bandhu in Delhi .
Gene Bandhu has created a database that consists of the DNA mapping of about 8000 wishful donors. Interestingly, donors are not paid any money for donating marrow.