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December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         December 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:December' 2018


A lady to remember !

Always meticulously attired and ever ready to host,Vidya’d small rented accommodation bore the value of a palace. She expressed all the warmth on arrival at Delhi, where she was denied the similar concern when she came to Lucknow seeking blessings of my mother, the senior-most lady. She treated all guests with utmost care and warmth. She was instrumental for Delhi growing on me quickly. The beauty was that she showed the same ready smile to my friends. Vidya,82, died on August 25 at Mumbai. She had a fall. She developed nose infection.
Nine ‘Ratnas’, including R.V.Kripalani, S.K.Verma, L.K.Tewari, and I had resigned in protest against news editor C.Baptista, National Herald on one Sunday. The editor, MC Chellapathi Rau was shocked at my signature. “Look this, Wadhwaney was invited me for lunch still he had joined a group, like a member of trade-union. “I must accept his resignation first”. Eight got jobs in Delhi within a week but I had to wait for about nine months when luck smiled. The new editor of Indian Express, editor, Prem Bhatia had a brief session with news editor, Piloo Saxena, and summoned sports editor, Vernon Ram. “Your column is ok but there is no culture for a photo yet. You have to drop it”. “What”? It cannot be complied with. The paper is sold because of of sports page and my column with photo are essential. ”.
“Whatever, the photo has to be dropped”, Bhatia insisted. “I will resign” said Veron. “you are welcome” , Bhatia declared. “My staff will walk out with me”, Vernon said in anger. “That is also welcome”, said Bhatia.
The sports desk was ‘Khali” for one night. Piloo brought out the page.
CSA Swami (1936 Berlin marathoner—he was last to arrive after Hitler had left) flew from Bombay. I came from Lucknow and was appointed as sports reporter by him. Ron Hendricks flew from Bombay to take over as sports editor.
After about a week, Vidya gave me keys of a house in for my stay. As I was alone, I, invited Ron to stay with me. I had not briefed Vidya about this. Now an ugly incident took place. I was in Lucknow for hockey, when Ron, high on spirits, could enter the house but he could not locate the room key. His noise woke up neighbours.
All assembled. He was unaware who was the occupant. He was man-handled. He was landed at police station. He ‘recovered’ and explained who he was and returned home. The 23 customs officers lodged a joint complaint against Vidya for misuse of the flat. It was a fight between Vidya and locals. The officers made many vulgar accusations. Her salary was withheld. For 12 months. During this rough time, Vidya did not express her anguish. She wore the same smile. K.C.Pant, Customs minister, was a good friend at Lucknow. He came to our rescue. He expunged the letter and released the salary.
This was Vidya’s grace, disposition and impeccable manners. Since she was not doing duty at airport, she voluntarily surrendered the INA colony flat. Vidya was extremely professional in her duties at airport.

Dr. S.S. Sidhu

Noted civil servant Dr. Shivinder Singh Sidhu is no more. He was unquestionably one of the most successful and popular Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officers in the history of the cadre. He was sober, serene and safety personified. He had developed an art of ‘how to influence people and win friends’. He wore many hats and all fitted him quietly-- from an administrative serivce to political field. He became governor of Goa, to Manipur and Meghalaya.
His international tenure was long, enduring and meaningful. He was the ‘country’s ‘banyan’ tree for ‘tourism’. He died on November 3, 2018. Kirtan and ardas were performed at Defence Colony, Gurdwara. Guru ka Langar was largely attended.

-- K R Wadhwaney