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August 2019 Edition of Power Politics is updated.          August 2019 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
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Can a woman become
U. S. President ?

M. R. Dua

Tulsi Gabbard (top left), Kirsten Gillibrand (top right), Kamala Harris (middle left), Amy Klobuchar (middle right), Elizabeth Warren (bottom left), Marianne Williamson The United States of America has never had a female president or a female vice-president. The next presidential election is some sixteen months away. At least six American women are vying to win Democratic Party’s nomination for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. They are: Kamala Harris, Sita Gabbard, (both of India-origin), Amy Klobucher, Elizabeth Warren, Kristen Gillibrand, and Marianne Williamson. Five of these six females are sitting members of the U.S. Senate.
Currently, there is an intense campaigning for nomination of the Democratic Party’s candidates for the 2020 presidential election in February 2020.
A question often asked is: why women in America have not made it to the White House so far. In the 2016 poll, when Donald J. Trump won the presidency, a highly meritorious and distinguished woman – Hillary Clintont—was in the fray. She had unprecedented popular support, but lost. Reasons for Clinton’s defeat have remained mystery till today.
While most Americans tend to swear by the women’s genuine capacity to win, they are unprepared to grant them party tickets. Donald Trump is on record having said about Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination (woman)hopeful: “I don’t hate women candidates – I just hated Hillary, and coincidentally I’m starting to hate Elizabeth Warren’’—a ranking Deomcatic Party sitting Senator.
Incidentally, former Vice President Joe Biden, is on record saying: It would be ‘great’to have a female vice-president, adding, ‘I think it helps having a woman on the ticket.’

The two male p r e s i d e n t i a l candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice-president Joe Biden Jr., have been scoring top notch in surveys. There a distinct possibility that one of these two veterans may secure D e m o c r a t i c nomination.

There are diverse views in media on electing woman president. One view said that Ms. Harris has had ‘a barrierbreaking career as the first female attorney in San Francisco’s history, the first black female attorneygeneral of California and the second black female senator...’

Added another: ‘I don’t think she can win. And I’m sorry to have to say that. She is a woman and she is black... for, people will fight back against change. We (blacks) may have come a long way but not that far’’, meaning not far enough to win US presidency.