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August 2019 Edition of Power Politics is updated.          August 2019 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:June' 2019


A person at the forefront

International Artist Shruti Gupta, three times world record holder for the kathak dance at the highest altitude, was honoured with “Most Influential Women” award by Brijbhoomi Foundation at Patiala on 8th July, 2019. She has been chosen for this award for her excellent achievements in the field of ‘Art & Culture’. She has always been at forefront to popularize the Indian Art & culture in the entire world.

She is again planning something different in the coming years. She is a strong believer of peace and harmony. She has set a new precedent of courage by performing at Himalaya. Shruti Gupta has set an excellent example of it before all with the help of her art.

She has won many accolades for her great achievements & social works and has been honored by the Prime Minister of India, Himachal Pradesh Governor and Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, former Minister for Women and Child Development.

In the coming years she is planning to perform at North Pole in the support of save nature that includes many agendas like deforestation, global warming, depletion of ozone, melting of glacier, scarcity of drinking water and different types of pollution. With the help of her performances throughout the world she wants to motivate the people to save our mother planet so that it could be a better planet to live for the coming generation. She believes in sustainable use of Mother Nature and its resources without harming it. She says,” we all should come together to achieve this goal. Alone it is not possible. That is why I want to kindle a spark among young generation about saving nature with the help of my art.