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August 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.  Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       August 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.   Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       
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Shia alienated

Ramesh Chandra Ganjoo

Protest in the Netherlands against genocide of innocent people Parachinar witnessed gloomy Eid al-Fitr . On the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan , June 23, 2017 twin blasts took place, three minutes from each other, ripped through the Pakistan's North-Western town of Parachinar and left at least 75 people killed, mostly Shias and over 300 injured.. A notorious terrorist group Lashkare- Jhangvi (LeJ) claimed responsibility for the attack.
On April 1, a bomb exploded near an Imambargah in Parachinar, killing 23 and injuring 71 worshippers. An additional person was killed when security forces opened fire on a crowd protesting the carnage in front of the political agent's office. On 31 March, a car bomb blast near an Imambargah of Shia Muslims killed 23 people and injured 70 others in Parachinar. In January, 25 people were killed and 87 others when a bomb tore through a crowded vegetable market in the same city. According to South Asia Terrorism Portal data more than 2,600 Shia Muslims have been killed in militant attacks since 2002 across Pakistan.
Shia advocacy groups, however, say the figures could be much higher. Shias make up about one third of Pakistan's population of nearly 200 million.
The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorist group has been involved in several attacks on Shia Muslims in recent years. Saudi Arabia is accused of funding the terrorist group. According to the hawkish London-based foreign policy think tank, Saudi Arabia has since the 1960s "sponsored a multimillion dollar effort to export Wahhabi Islam across the Islamic world, including Muslim communities in the West". Funding from Saudi Arabia has in the form of endowment to mosques, which have in turn "played host to extremist preachers and the distribution of extremist literature". Maulana Askari Zaidi scholar and Principal Ahlebait Public School Jamia Nagar, New Delhi told Power Politics, Saudi and US are responsible to provide support to terrorist organizations clandestinely.
Some security experts say that the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, which claimed responsibility for the Parachinar blasts, allegedly receives support from units of

Some security experts say that the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, which claimed responsibility for the Parachinar blasts, receives support from units of Pakistan's intelligence agencies.

Maulana Askari Zaidi Pakistan's intelligence agencies. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is also closely connected to the Afghan Taliban and has links to Jundullah, the anti-Iran Sunni militant group.
Parachinar, the capital of the Kurram district in Pakistan's Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), is in a bad shape. Afghanistan, has a large Shia population under strong Sunni influence The Taliban would not accept Shias. There is no big sectarian conflict in Parachinar. The government has never acted against the 'Islamic State' (IS) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi's militants groups active in area,".

Protest against suicide bombings in Parachinar in front of the Pakistan High Commission, Canberra, Australia. Masroor Abbas Ansari chief of Jammu & Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen (JKIM) told Power Politics the current situation in Pakistan is due to ideological differences since Gen Zia ul Haq's time.
The Shia community feels increasingly alienated in Pakistan. Since the Parachinar suicide attacks, no senior government official or political party figure has visited Quetta. Askari Zaidi, expressed shock over the silence of international community and human rights organizations on Parachinar terrorists attack. Meanwhile ,Minister for Ports and Shipping Hasil Bizenjo has said, "Pakistan is passing through a very critical juncture If a war breaks out between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Balochistan may become its centre."