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Badminton power


Sania Nehwal and P.V.Sindhu Inside of a decade, Indian badminton has undergone seachange in standard and quality because players are now using their minds in shaping their game. They no longer play mechanically depending upon strokes, limbs and muscles. They treat the game as a 'chess board' where they play a stroke and carve an opening for the next shot.
Women, Sania Nehwal and P.V.Sindhu were first to challenge the might of the world class stars, including dreaded China, in various open competitions and now Kidambi Sirkanth and his colleagues have silenced opposition with their remarkable prowess, calibre and temperament. Riding on his back to back Super Series triumphs, Kadambi Srikanth, 24, (Guntur) in Australia and Indonesia and holds 58583 points. No world ranking player treats an Indian challenger for granted.

Sania Nehwal and P.V.Sindhu Kadambi was bubbly; he did not know how to utilise his energy. His father virtually prevailed upon Gopichand to 'admit' him. Gopi found some sparks in his unorthodox movements and strokes. Called 'poster' man of Indian badminton, he is ranked 8th but he is said to have jumped to 5th. He is told that only 'mean' can be champion in 'modern, wicked and greedy world'. Srikanth, who was felicitated for his grand performance by the Sports Minister, Vijay Goel, has already gone on record saying: "I m peaking for the Glasgow from August 21-27, 2017". His coach, Gopichand says that he has modelled his game on the lines of a champion and his strokes, play and court coverage have depth. He is merciless.
Many star tennis players wear the opinion that badminton is a feminine discipline played to recreate, relax and enjoy. It is totally baseless viewpoint. It is a complete fallacy. The competitive singles match is much tougher, exacting and energy consuming than a tennis game. It also requires far more flexibility, agility, athleticism, feinting and faking than a tennis player. It is more difficult to excel because a 'bird of feathers' is much more fickle, deception; its variation in angularities and speed than a tennis player. Unlike in tennis, in which a ball is played after a bounce, in badminton, it is retrieved, returned, driven, lobbed, tackled and exploited in air.
According to scientists and experts, at least 10 miles of top running is required to sustain 2-3 game match between two top class international standard. There are several other reasons which confirm badminton toughness . No wonder the retiring age of a player, man or woman, 30 or below.
Gopichand himself was an individualistic. His innings was not free from problems. He was injury-prone. A knee injury gave him sleepless nights. But he worked in gym and on courts. But his all-England meet, that brought him laurels, brought about wholehearted changes. He grew mature. The academy in sporting city of Hyderabad brought him more success and popularity. Sania was his academy's 'ambassador'.
Gopichand has single-handedly changed Indiian badminton landscape, although officials are far from transparent. More success is likely. The coach is not faultless. No individual is. But his thinking and ideals are valuable. Sania is languishing behind Sandhu. Her recovery is possible if she plays without fear of defeat. Gopi is at the centre of things and the Badminton Association of India (BAI). He only knows where the bodies are buried, occasionally, he has been body himself.
Ranchi's last minute pull out became Bhubaneswar's 'son-raising week' in July, 2017, as India secured the highest 29 medals haul (12 gold, five silver and 12 bronze) in the Asian Athletics Championship consisting of more than 1000 athletes and 42 countries.
Calling it a '90-day challenge', the Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, assembled a brand new team of bureaucrats and local officials to stage a glitch-free five-day championship, 3rd in India. The first was in New Delhi in 1989 and then Pune in 2013.
The meet was brilliantly organized and the world famous observers and officials went on record saying: "Never an international track and field meet has been so meticulously organised,as this one. The centre has stolen a march over other centres ". The centre has already been chosen for World League Hockey in December 2017 and World Cup Hockey in December 2018. The meet robbed of serious touch of competition as China and Japan held some top athletes. According to organisers, they are undergoing preparation for the World Championships in London from August 4. Good performances are likely as weather and other conditions are ideal for improved performances. The Indian gold medallists are bound to improve their doings but they will not secure gold as China and Japan competitors are of world ranking and ratings.
Twelve gold medallists stand chosen for the London World Meet. But many others have to earn qualification after going through some tests. There is some unrest among athletes and officials. Govindran Lakshmanan, 27, Ajay Kumar Saroj, 20, Jisna Mathews, 18,Neeraj Chopra 19, Muhammad Anas, 22 and there are at east a dozen more who hope for the podium finish.