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August 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.  Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       August 2017 Edition of Power Politics is updated.   Happy Diwali to all our subscribers and Distributors       
Issue:August' 2017


Vision document

V.P. Prabhakar

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar releasing the Haryana Vision 2030. The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar, released the document, "Vision 2030" on June 27, 2017, which aims for an increase in the state's per capita income to Rs. 8.34 lakh from the current Rs. 1.8 lakh in the next 15 years.
It aims at increasing the gross state domestic product (GSDP) rate to 9.8 per cent from 8.7 per cent along with creating 18 lakh job opportunities for the youth, raising the strength of skilled manpower to five lakh and providing 24 hours electricity.
As of now, the share of Haryana in the country's GSDP (combined GSDP of all the states of India) stands at 3.5 per cent, followed by Punjab at 2.9 per cent and Himachal Pradesh at 0.8 per cent. The vision document aims at no malnutrition among children by 2030, housing for all, bringing down the maternal mortality rate to 70 per cent one lakh live births, neo-natal mortality rate to 12 per 1000 and under-five mortality rate to 25 per 1000.
Besides, it aims at attaining 100 per cent enrolment ratio at pre-primary level, 97 per cent at primary level and 95 per cent at secondary level. The Government also aims to reduce crime against women in the state.
The Chief Minister asked administrative secretaries of all departments to prepare plans for their respective departments keeping in view the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), to achieve targets laid down in the vision document in a phased manner.
He said seven working groups were formed to brain-storm the details of the vision 2030 document and the groups held 60 sessions to frames the document.
The document was released in the presence of Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu, Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma and United Nations resident coordinator Diego Palacios.

Removing deficiencies

Jolted by the dismal performance of students in the classes X and XII in government schools, the Punjab Government has started thinking on how to improve the standard of education in the government schools.
The Punjab Government is now thinking of introducing English as the medium of instruction in at least 400 government schools.
Such a change will involve heavy expenditure to improve infrastructure of the selected schools, preparation of text books in English of all subjects, filling of vacant posts and need of teachers who could impart education in English, availability of books in time and other facilities needed for the change.

Grants increased

The fiscal crisis of the Punjab University seems to be resolved with the Punjab Government and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) increasing their grants.

Manpreet Singh Badal presenting the Budget for the year 2017-18 Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal, in his budget presented to Vidhan Sabha on June 20, 2017, said the Punjab University, which was set up in 1822, "is a symbol of our heritage and pride. It is one of the oldest universities in India. Over the years the grant to Punjab University has been dwindling to the extent that they are finding it difficult to meet their day to day requirements. Today we are also facing extreme constraints on our resources. None the less, I propose to enhance the grant to Punjab University from the existing Rs.26 crore to Rs. 33 crore in 2017-18." PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Arun K.
Grover said: "An amount of Rs 7 crore more from the Punjab Government is a good beginning by the new Punjab Government after a long gap. The Rs 7 crore will also cover the shortfall in the projected internal income for 2017-18, which occurred due to the partial rollback of the proposed increase in fee by the Senate at its meeting on May7." The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) has agreed to give Rs. 207.80 crore to the PU this year against Rs. 197.73 crore received for 2016-17.

HC quashes appointments

The Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, comprising Justice S.S. Saron and Justice Darshan Singh, quashed on July 5, 2017 the appointment of four Chief Parliamentary Secretaries in Haryana, holding the posts unconstitutional. Besides the Punjab and Haryana High Court, three other High Courts had also quashed on January 2009 a bill on appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries.
The Himachal Pradesh High Court in September 2010 had struck down the appointments of the nine CPSes. The Kolkata High Court in June 2015 had quashed appointment of 13 CPSes.
The four BJP MLAs who would lose their post are Shyam Singh Rana, Dr Kamal Gupta, Bakshish Singh Virk and Seema Trikha. They were appointed by the Manhoar Lal Khattar Government on July 20, 1015.

World Cup Kabaddi

With a view to prompting Kabaddi, the World Cup Kababdi (WCK) has been organised annually by the Punjab State Sports Council (PSSC) since 2010. The Auditor and Controller General of India has found deficiencies in the organisation. It has pointed out in its report instances of payment against bogus bills during the world Cup Kabbadi Tournament.

Bharat Scouts

K.K. Khandewal National Chief Commissioner of Bharat Scouts and Guides K.K. Khandewal, Additional Chief Secretary , Sports and Youth Affairs, Haryana was elected unanimously National Chief Commissioner of Bharat Scouts and Guides on July 10. He has been the State Chief Commissioner of Haryana in Scouts and Guides till now. There are about 70 lakh members of the Bharat Scouts and Guides in India.
Dr Khandelwal has been associated with scouts and guides activities for the last 40 years.
During this period he had remained in many international, National and state level positions. At present he is member of the financé committee of the Asia Pacific Region.
Dr Khandewal has written 23 books on scouting. He is also Chief Editor of Scout Sanwad magazine being published from Chandigarh. He is also looking after many projects connected with the Haryana Swaran Jayanti Utsav.