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CPI(M)'s revival bid

Subhrangshu Gupta

After his prolonged " p o l i t i c a l h i b e r n a t i o n " , B u d d h a d e b Bhatterjee (former state chief minister), under whose leadership, the CPI(M) faced a debacle in the state Assembly poll in 2011, has again come to the surface. A section in the leadership has been wanting him to revatalise the party.

Buddhadeb Bhatterjee After the party's devastating results in the last Assembly, Lok Sabha and other local bodies polls, the CPI(M) now finds itself isolated and cornered. There is no proper leadership for guiding and leading the comrades. Comrade Biman Bose has fallen flat. Buddhadeb had earlier withdrawn himself from the party's activities. Shyamal Chakraborty is also inactive. Gautam Dev is physically and health-wise unwell. The Surya-Sujan-Salim brigade, now in the charge of the party, has not been much effective for re-vamping the comrades. The party needs a strong leadership and the involvement of all. The comrades now will have to once again get themselves involved in the pro-people movements on all vital issues. They need to go to the people and apologise for their mistakes. They will also have to assure the people that they will not make the same mistake again.

Biman Bose Buddhadeb already took the responsibility of the party's major set-back and ignominious defeat in the election. He realizes it has been a curse for them to be in power for long 34 years at a stretch. Buddhadeb was in the chief minister for over a decade ( November 26, 1999 to May 13, 2011). During this tenure, he achieved many things but he could not solve some basic problems- unemployment, education, health, food etc. The poverty and other basic problems of the poor people also could not be solved.

Anil Biswas Buddhadeb admits he made a great mistake on the industrial front where the foreign and private investments were allowed to operate almost "freely", which was against the party's stand. His decision of "forcible acquiring of farmland at Singhur" (Hooghly) for Tata's Nano car project was his greatest blunder. He also made mistakes in inviting the Indonesian c o m p a n y f o r i n v e s t i n g money in s e v e r a l industrial projects in the agricultural lands at Nandigram and the adjoining Nayachar. In several matters, comrade Anil Biswas, then the party secretary, had been the main decision-maker. Buddhadeb was virtually acting as Biswas's implementing agency. Basu had never allowed the party to interfere into any administrative matter.
Some leaders feel that both Anil and Buddhadeb are jointly responsible for the party's present deplorable condition. Nowadays, not many good and educated young people are coming to the party. There has been a real shortage of right young soldiers in the party - not only in Bengal but also in two other states- Kerala and Tripura, where the CPI(M) had been in power for some decades.
A study group of the JNU recently brought out a list of a dozen newly recruited party workers of various political parties. In the list, only the CPI(M) comrade, Ritabrata Banerjee(36) of West Bengal, finds a place. The days of Anil- Buddha- Biman were over after the 2011 Assembly poll. Then came the Surya-Sujan- Salim era ( Surya Kanto Mishra, Sujan Chakraborty and Md Salim). Surya took over as the state party secretary replacing Biman. He was also made the politburo member. However, the Surya-Sujan-

Some leaders still feel that both Anil and Buddhadeb are jointly responsible for the party's present deplorable condition.

Salim trio could not deliver much to the party and the trio also failed to restore to the party the confidence of the people. They need to strongly rise up and re-build the party. The political situation in the state is favourble for the party men for reviving themselves. The Congress in Bengal now is still in the shamble. The credence and popularity of the TMC have been fast eroding. The party is now in deep crisis in the wake of the leaders' involvement in the multi-crore rupee Sarada and Narada scams and other corruption charges.