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April 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.         April 2018 Edition of Power Politics is updated.
Issue:Apr' 2018


Of Kashmir's tradition

R C Ganjoo

The book, "Catching The Fading Ray," is a collection of twentyfive short stories written by Avanti Sopory. It illuminates the rich cultural nostalgia of her yester- years, of her birth place Kashmir, and of when she was just 10. Every piece in the book gives us an essence of Kashmiri tradition, customs and social ethos.
Sopory has tried to keep Kashmir's social and cultural values alive in her collection of the stories. The author has described these stories in a very lucid style.
The author has assiduously gathered these stories from rural- oriented senior citizens of the Valley after having interactive session with them to assimilate all aspects of relevant folklores and fables. The book provides a range of glimpses into highly interesting and stirring portraits with the folk tales of Kashmir rolled down generation after generation through word of mouth.
George Grierson was impressed by the high philosophical content and linguist richness of Lalla Waakh (Lal Ded or Lalla Yogeshwari who was a popular 14th century Kashmiri saint poetess). Waakh travelled

Avanti Sopory